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I just finished making my room in my HQ on Server 2725 Xbox. I have an Asian style room from the Khitan Set. Can we get Thralls to play the Musical Instruments like the Harp and stuff it would help with Immersion and I like hearing the harp play and the Khitan Zheng? I think you guys can do this very easily.


I would really like it if entertainers could play musical instruments in addition to dancing to heal corruption. At the moment I have three dancers jumping around next to each other. It would be nice if at least one of them could play music. :grin:


I have been asking for something like this as well. My idea, was that there is a build item that you can place in your base. The item/ music box would play music from each culture, you just cycle through until you find which type fits your style.

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Welcome to the Forum I feel alot of us would appreciate some cultural themed music. I am all for it perhaps it could be purchased?


I absolutely love this idea, been wanted for a long while. IIRC, they used to be in the files, but were non functional.

Also, would for love for thralls to have an item or emote with a palm frond or large fan that I could put next to my throne. Just do a search for “Egyptian Thrones” and you will see what I mean.
Is that too much to ask? :wink:


I’m not to clued up on coding or how servers run, but I can see that putting extra load on server especially if you get people with 30 thralls making entire choirs. That would be a lot of extra ai to manage.

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Yep. Plus what is the gameplay reason? That has to always be factored in.

You just know it’s going to happen… :smile:

That being said, I love the idea personally.

There isn’t any mods doing exactly that, thrall playing in-game musical instruments ?

@utu_Reaver I love the concept of musician thralls. There are a lot of ways that thralls could be expanded and improved and giving some flavor to the entertainer thralls would be amazing.

In this post you can see it’s been asked for quite a few times, and someone somewhere mentions during a dev stream they asked and were told they were “writing music” for this. Could be hearsay though…

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