Making Instruments usable by “entertainer” thralls

I dont know if this has ever been asked before, but I know there are several interments in the game that can be crafted. Has anyone thought of making it so we can put an entertainer thrall on them so they can play it. Currently when the instrument is crafted it only plays when you the player interact with it, and even then only while you pressing “interact”. It be nice to be able to have music constantly if you want.


Dang what a dandy idea.
Like SWG kinda where everyone could join in an have a band, just by equipping an instrument.

They too busy…

I think it was originally planned to have musicians as well as dancers. Unfortunately priorities have shifted during EA and they never made it into the game.

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@Olumat there are “Dancer” thralls and “entertainer” thralls both currently in game. I just was wondering if we could make it so thrall enterainers could be put on placed Instruments. Kinda like you do with any other thrall and it’s work station.

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Tbh, it would be nice to see bard thralls. Maybe if you put them in close proximity with certain instruments they’d perform different songs?

We need more stuff like this.

Infact it’d be neat if we could do things like in starbound or FFXIV where we could make our own music. Guarantee this would be a worthwhile content addition that’d draw more users and bring back current ones.

People love having outlets for their creativity and it’s good publicity when they show it off on stream and youtube.

Btw in the starbound video, if i recall everyones instruments contribute to the song and play the different parts.

Many, many times. Search ‘instruments’ and be crushed under the weight of the results.


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