Entertainers being placed at instruments

Hey there! Great game! Im sure someone has thought of it already, but i think being able to equip instruments to the Entertainer thralls and have them play them would be pretty slick. Itd be a way to make the giant base you created a little more like home, and not like a ghost village


Indeed! I’ve seen people asking for musician thralls previously. Equipping them with flutes or drums or things of the sort. I would love to see this in game myself. I’m not sure what the official word on it is though. Maybe it’s something we can add in the future at some point. :slight_smile: I hope so anyway!

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What if 10 of them are evilishly placed near my base? Will I be able to call the Cimmerian mounted police for excessive noise at night?

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@Spynosaur_Nicole you know, now that im thinking about it, itd be fun to have a musical emote too! Thatd probably be easiest for them to create lol. I can only imagine how tough it would be to code an item to be equipped by a thrall and be used as a new set of sounds and animations. Im lucky i know how to post things on a forum hahaha:stuck_out_tongue:


if you can live without an animation, the easiest way I see is to make the placable instruments (drums etc…) like a crafting bench. Place a performer inside it and there you go, drum solo all night, yeah!

Then, we’ll need psychologist thralls to keep your character sanity after a few days :slight_smile:

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