MUSIC! Please make Placable instruments "stations"

There are so many awesome musical instruments included as placeables, and entertainer thralls really should do more than just dance!

Please make musical instruments “stations” that produce a music soundtrack already present in the game, and create a bit of diversity in entertainer thralls allowing them to be placed at these stations to activate the music.

The “Entertained” buff could still apply within the range of the music…

What do you say music lovers?


I would buy a DLC themed like this in a heartbeat.

I wonder what culture it could focus on… what else would be included?

Maybe the Cult of Set?

  • Lots of Instruments: Sistrums, Zithers, Horns, Flutes, Lutes, Trumpets, Gongs, Pan Flutes, Bells, Harps, Drums, Rattles, Lyres…
  • You could get structures themed like Cult of Set Towers…
  • Big Pots of Soup with human body parts floating up occasionally
  • Finally, an inclusion of Snakes as pets, which has been promised on and off…
  • More Stygian, Black Ring Cabal, and Setite Outfits…
  • Maybe a focus on the power struggle between King Ctesphon, The Priests of Set, and the Black Ring Cabal? New Weapons based on this…

I would also buy a DLC focused on music in a heartbeat!


That’s an awesome idea. It would be so cool, I’m imagining a four-person band joining the background music. That would be epic.

As a multi-instrument musician, I would hope Funcom would take my NPC and give him access to all my instruments. Then he could follow me and carry around a drum set to accompany the fight music.


Sure, would be, if they play all the same music. :rofl:


Heh. Imagine if they implemented instruments the same way they implemented dances: a random song is selected every time you enter the render range :grin:

Oh, and you can’t mute the sound you hear from other people’s instruments without completely muting the music! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I’m getting carried away…


That’s the point, i can imagine all that so well. :sweat_smile:


Given that you can only have a single follower, I don’t think you could have a traveling band.

Within a given settlement, the music range would have to have a fairly limited radius to prevent a “white noise” from overlapping instruments.

Isn’t that the point of making sure the music being played always syncs up and overlays with existing background music? Then there’s never any “white noise” just different accompaniment, depending what you are in audio range of…

It would be funny to have some fight start in your bar and the band just starts playing alongside the battle music like a bunch of nutty toons…


Anvil of Crom, Dreams of Ymir or the drums from the Summoning Place would suit me just fine


That might take some coding wizardry but that sounds great.

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I suppose you just make accompaniment music for each instrument for all the existing in game music… then you have it all playing when the music plays, but it’s treated as a Unique SFX/Soundtrack (But shares the volume setting for music in general.) You only hear it when the conditions to hear it are satisfied (I.E. player is in range of a Zither, trigger Zither Accompaniment audio for that player.) In a way, it’s just like reality, the music is always playing, but you only hear it if you are in range.

But I’m not a programmer, so while that’s all very logical, it could be as useful as Scat. Biddly be bop a boo.


if you wanted to get super fancy with the idea, add a mechanism to remember tunes players beat/blow/strum & the ability for entertainers to play it when equipped with the instrument.


This new “bench” may do the trick.



YES. I’d be wanting playable instruments for a long while. Another addition you could do is handheld player-played instruments that, when used/active, changes the Hotbar (1-8) to notes.


I have a music box from Pippi (mod) on my private servers but curious if having music stations would cause potential additional lag issues for some since it now has to account for the range the music is heard and play a different playlist. Since people been discussing various different optimizations of the game for official servers, this idea may not be a great idea in that regard. I am not a programmer so I could be wrong on that concept.

For the music route, I would have a new entertainer NPC who plays music, which does the same effect as dancing does.

we want bard thralls too!


Its possible to do it … but I lack the sound bit to do it really.

As a guy who plays an instrument myself, I would absolutely LOVE to see this implemented into Conan Exiles. This concept has been discussed previously, but maybe we could transform the existing instruments such as the Harp, the Dafari Drum, etc into a bench of sorts which has a slot for a musician Thrall, who could play one of several pieces, similar to how we interact with them now. :man_shrugging:


You too @Barnes…!? Well arent you just full of surprises. Which four instruments do you play? I am a musician too, although I only play the one instrument myself; 6 string electric, metal primarily. :smiling_imp: :metal: