Can we get a guitar or a lute for the entertainers?

That way they can have something to dance to? HA HA HA. I mean we got a battle spatula, why can’t we get a guitar to smash heads with for the entertainers? Who’s with me?!?


Why not a selection of instruments the player can carry and play? Unlike the various instruments you can place and rapidly press X to use. Suggestion? Can we get a system to activate and “sit” on the instrument and use different controls to make different and specific key sounds? Would make them way more fun.

As for carryable instruments, here’s a small list of what would be fun to have for bard roles.



We also have the Aquilon harp and Khitan Zheng.


I agree with this! I like the DLC harp but I wish you could actually play notes with it. It would be cool if entertainment thralls could play them as well. Maybe if you have an entertainment thrall who dances and one who plays an instrument in a close vicinity the entertainment effect is doubled.

Adding sheet music around the world for different songs would be neat too. Kind of like how we have dance emotes you can find. It could also be an item you can make and put in the ammo of an instrument you have equipped, kind of like arrows with the bow and it will play that song.


Well that is a really good one. This would give more reasons for someone to by the dlc. I would love the idea of having the box of a thrall in music instruments, so if i place an entertainer my living room, or my market will have some music. Very nice suggestion, bravo :+1:

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Over time there have been multple calls for Musician thralls to be added to Conan Exiles. The most common idea is that the various in-game instruments, for example the Harp, Drums, etc be transformed into a crafting station of sorts, from which the play music. Im not sure how it would work for a Lute, Flute, etc. A guitar however would not be in keeping with Conan lore.

However as a musician myself, a guitarist as it would happen, I cannot resist upvoting your calls to bring music in the world of Conan which I love. Supported! :metal: :smiling_imp:

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The last time I built in the north, the dreary music kept getting to me. I would have loved to have had some musical thralls to liven things up.

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