Top 5 things you would like to see in the 3.0 update!

Rules: Use only the “Numbered List” format;

  1. Roads between bases
  2. trading posts
  3. etc…

Butt slider.



you should try The sims. :wink:

Or, they could add a butt slider. As it makes no sense that we can have a maxed out chest but not an ass.

I also personally take credit for the refinement of the current ass we have, you’re welcome.


Yeah TBH I wanna be dummy thicc if I can…

In no particular order:

  1. New base defense mechanics (Maybe something to help reduce the amount of big bulky bases?)

  2. Random dynamic server events would add some life to servers. (New environmental effects like blizzards or storms etc roaming thralls, travelling merchants etc, mini purges)

  3. Maybe more emphasis/variation on class systems? (Improved Stealth mechanics/Archery Mechanics/Warrior Mechanics depending on your preferred playstyle, maybe some new playstyles? Shapeshifting/Necromancy etc)

  4. New or extended exiles lands map? (Maybe some kind of portal or teleport to a new area(s) instead of building on the current map as I imagine expanding the current map would put more strain on the server? TBH I don’t really know how any of it works though haha)

  5. I guess make legendries legendary again and bring some kind of balance/update to the current thrall system so that we don’t all end up having armies of beastmasters and/or berserkers.

This is just off the top of my head while I’m between customers and I’m probably going to edit my choices after I’ve seen other peoples suggestions :sweat_smile:

  1. Unreal 5 engine update
  2. New Map
  3. Rescuing friendly thralls to become heroic, epic friends.
  4. Ways for the player to earn the skill to become an Edgessmith, Bladesmith, Tempersmith, etc.
  5. Ways to learn recipes that are currently “Thrall Only”. Sorry, sir. You are not smart enough to figure out orbs of fire!

:joy: :joy: :joy:

I’m not even joking. :relaxed:

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i know lol

i would like to see

  • some serious optimization especially on the console version
  • an overhaul of the crafting menu as it’s getting really cluttered with all the dlcs and siptah
  • unlock recipies for the different coloured torches and braziers in the vaults (the models and fx are already in the game)
  • more claw weapons, i rather like the one you get from the wolf vault
  • an overhaul of the stability system, maybe even add horizontal beams and supports
  1. Quests
  2. Moar lore
  3. more dungeons
  4. better boss battles (a lot of bosses are just bigger versions of normal mobs)
  5. New biomes

Also if magic is being added please stick to the Conan lore, No fireballs please :slight_smile:


The consoles really need some attention!

About number 3: They could add, in the talent menu, a new tab with specializations for weapon use. Some Like this:

  1. Warrior: two handed weapons, pikes, spears. medium armor, light armor
  2. Defender: One handed weapons, shields, heavy armor
    And then, when you choose one, the other options become blocked for choosing.
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Yeah could do something like that for sure, even if it was just something subtle like a stealth mechanic where your health bar doesn’t show up in close range and your steps are quieter or maybe a long-range/sharpshooter zoom for an archery mechanic.

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Target lock removed from official pvp
Auto facing removed from official pvp
Mounted combat deleted
Beast master teimos removed
Unwield/wield animation cancel restored
Full wipe of official pvp servers
Transfer with items disabled on official pvp servers
Gods removed from the game
god bubbles also removed since they’re not needed with gods removed


its a wonder the females dont fall forward all the time lol.

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Some of the things I would really love to see like UE5, better console optimization and more maps/biomes have already been mentioned, so I’ll just list some more minor things and not try to guess the big new feature of 3.0.

  1. More character customization options, specifically more faces and hairstyles.
  2. Ability to change crafter thrall armor/clothing.
  3. Ability to hide head gear. One of the first things I do in every game is hide my helmet.
  4. Less rain in certain biomes. I mean, it can be atmospheric, but having rain 95% of the time in some places is too much. Or at least give us a weather severity slider that actually works.
    And last, but by no means not least:
  5. Fix breasts physics. No jiggly = no fun.
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  1. Thralls: two classes only - Fighter and Crafter. Players would need to train specialities in themselves. Their experience and levels develop over time and play. Special, uniques (named) very rare and only via Purge. Wheel of Pain converts these (or all).
  2. Randomised mini-purges appear in key locations (as seen in certain new map mods). These would offer special reward tokens.
  3. Trading: more robust town trade centres for the selling and buying of stocks, thralls, etc. These centres would remain neutral to players unless player goes all hitty and bitey. See #1 for also being able to train up a Trader - or at least incorperate a player-side Trader that can be used to sell off unwanted stocks.
  4. For those persisting in the Conan genre-busting ‘we want magic’, convert the existing orb/potion/arrow/cleric specialities into some difficult ceremony to mimic same, but that also included the summoning creatures currently in Siptah DLC. In the books, sorcery, through present, is unique to certain cultures and is usually demonic-based and seldom game-changing when swords are thrown into the mix.
  5. I would love to see Unreal 5 - but there are a ton of players out there without the graphic cards to support it. Servers out there and bandwidth would also need significant boosting, and I don’t think that the core player-pool is consistently big enough to justify it. As it is, players in parts of the world cannot play other than solo or local-server because their country’s internet is not reliable or too expensive.

I do suspect that 3.0 will likely be offering something more practical than the above. I suspect the random mini-purges may be a thing, as well as roving mini-purge hordes. I imagine there will be some reconciliation of core game items. I suspect a new mount or two may come in (no flying!). I suspect trading may also be developed further. There should also be performance and swerver-swap changes done under the hood. Am just thankful that the game continues being developed.

PS: Prepare in advance. All private server Admins will know to allow for at least some days post-3.0 release for the amazing Modder-Community to do their updates. To be patient and to keep backups current. Depending on the nature of 3.0, server-wipes may be the order of the day too. Plan accordingly. Make backups frequently, and send thanks to the TestLive Testers and to all modders, great and small.

  1. Thralls reset Back to the Wheel
    reset thralls with unwanted perks in order to keep their looks and our love

  2. Option to turn off battle music

  3. Command for companions to attack the closest enemy
    to avoid clicking on a moving target with the tiny hud dot in a hurry

  4. Command for companions to get out of the way
    this behavior was already there a few versions ago

  5. Option to hide all standard map symbols

  1. New map and easier, unrestricted, near-instantaneous transfer between the three. Includes new sets of armor and weapons.

  2. Thrall and pet scripting. Separate from but along with, NPC learning.

  • NPC learning could entail a number of areas not just fighting abilities. For example maybe you ride through a particular camp almost daily - they might learn not to attack or even eventually greet you as you pass through. This could extend to your thralls as well: So maybe a future settings slider which sets a time limit on how long you’re allowed to keep a thrall enslaved - but you have to interact to actually free them - and if you never do maybe they rebel and take you out - whatever… many ideas here and of course including your thrall’s move libraries as they gain tactical abilities.
  • As an extra in this area I would love natural language interfacing to and with NPCs, thralls, and pets. Connect each member of an NPC race with an information pool of their lore, map area, and some extraneous banter; and then have realistic conversations. For animals maybe voice training - for example train your dog, wild-cat, or bear to sit, stay, heel, take point (scout out in front if a destination has been set on the map), attack, and etc.
    Of course I’m imagining NPCs that don’t always just attack at some arbitrary range and are open to other types of interactions - trades, alliances, coalitions, etc.
  1. More building pieces per set - like, double the amount as so many are currently missing from each current set. And a better snapping system that isn’t always choking.

  2. Supersets of moves per weapon-class learned (by fighting with others who have those abilities) and added to a player’s subset.

  3. Optimized server-client communication and better server hardware & software. I wonder if this should actually be number one on the list?