A list of potential improvements

Id like say first the following list is simply my opinions of what I believe would improve the game and that by no means do I expect any of these ideas to be implimented. I simply would like to see what other players think of my ideas.

  1. Make all armor sets have both a hot and cold weather varient (add some fur patches to the cold version).

  2. Make 2 male and 2 female gender specific outfits

  3. Another Riddle of Steel DLC this time featuring Red Sonja and Conans other traveling companions from the movies (even Conan needs help sometimes lets not forget those that get the hero to his destination risking just as much if not more than him).

  4. Combine the Encumberance attribute with Strength both carry weight and relative perks then replace Encumberance with Stealth

  5. Give thralls an AI settings menu. Temperment setting= aggressive( attacks everything not in clan), passive(doesnt attack at all), alert( attacks only if prevoked). Guard setting= standby(current guard mode), sweep(thrall patrols a small area of structure), active(thrall patrols entire area of connected clan claimed land). Stance setting= (can be set to any emote the player has found and unlocked).

  6. Give furniture and certain other placeables thrall slots. For example to have them sit at a table drinking or lay on a bed or couch in a chosen unlocked emote.

  7. A Harem DLC, with harem guard and girl outfits, canopy bed with flowing curtains, curtain tapestries.


Sounds naughty. Bring it. :yum:

I understand the need, but I think we can manage to get the same result without further added slots… maybe… Anyway, it would be great indeed to have them act their part.

Hell yeah!! :heart_eyes:

What would the Stealth attribute yield?

Could be great. As special thralls of some kind or npcs next to Conan at a bar as loremasters or some type of emote merchants or something?

What kind?

I’m digging this. What I had in mind as well. Material based clothing variants.


Stealth attribute would allow players to crouch and get within Npc aggro range without drawing aggro and maybe at either 4th or 5th perk have limited duration invisibilty that can be used for pvp

Well the Harem Guard and Harem Girl outfit would be one of each, a Red Sonja outfit from the comics could be the second female one and maybe second male one could be Conan the Conquerer, or the one James Earl Jones wears.

In addition to my previous list Id like to add a beast master thrall to make animal pens more efficient.

And speaking of Beastmaster can someone please confirm or deny if Darr the Beastmaster is part of the Conan continuity.


Interesting ideas, especially the Stealth idea you have.

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Im full of ideas just usually keep them myself, critique these days tend to be rather harsh, though I took a chance today and chimed in my opinions and to my suprise my comments have been met in an honest and positive manner and I thank you for that Fable.

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This is where we align.

By Truth, Imagination and Probabilities, you’re welcome.

What would be the single thing you @RavenS117 desire the most, out of all your favourite games to this point and yet still have been left to yearn it? :smiling_imp:

A game that truely never ends. Im not a fan of repetition, but id be willing to repeat task or objectives if the rewards were always changing. Basicly id like a game that I can play for a year and never see the same content twice.

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Well List 1 was mostly liked, here comes Potential Improvements 2.

  1. Religion based pet skins. Each Alter would have a craftable fodder to feed pets in the animal pen to change their appearace. An example being the Derketo alter would have a fodder that would make Black Panthers look like the cat statues on the Derketo alter.

  2. A Lemurian / Witch Queen DLC, which could include a structure set textured like the interior of the Witch Queen dungeon, the Witch Queen throne, the glowing blue rock braziers from the sunken city, and a Witch Queen Sentinel skin that can be applied to frost giant thralls.

3.Decorative trees. For example Sakura and Bonsai trees for Yamatai theme, or snow covered fur trees to fit with a nord theme. Not sure what would fit the other ethnic themes.

4.Crystal and Obsidian based structure sets. Crystal set I would think could be simular to black ice just partialy transparent. The obsidian set on the other hand would be textured likes the structures found in the volcano area.

  1. This one is a bit more far fetched but the ability to fill empty foundation sections with water.

Hummmmm, I like stealth, but adding invisibility I think it won’t be good for Conan, this is not that kind of game, ppl have to be stealthy old school, knows how to hide.

Maybe having a perk that would add dmg when attacking from behind while crouching, but no cheese invisibility please.


As I stated in my post

So, no more than a 10 to 30 sec max duration and ends immediately if the player makes an attack then the 5 to 10 minute cool down would start once the invisibility ends. However I dont many players putting that many points in steath sacrifcing useful perks from other attributes

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10 sec ? Thats enough time to escape for good, ppl already can run for ages and pvp has a problem with cacthing ppl running and you want to give another way for that?

No, no invisibility, this is Hyboria survival, not a standard MMO, maybe a spell when sorcery hits, with a VERY low duration like 3 seconds, that is enough time to get a head start for anything, attack or flee.

Edit: Joel Bylos once said in EA phase when a player ask about stealth, his response

“There is stealth on the game, and that is, dont be seen”


Thats the catch 22 by putting enough points in steath to get the invisibilty perk you wouldn’t have enough stamina to escape cause invisibility would end as soon as crouch ended. To be honest it could have one advantage but would actually have more drawbacks once you look at how thin the other attributes would be to get the perk.

Then why add something that is not worth to get ? It will be another Survival talent tree. Look, as much as I love stealth gameplay, in this game invisibilty doesnt fit, it would ruin the game, understand that.

What we need is jump attacks, sprint attacks and more animations.


Lol I didn’t say it would worth it to get, it would be worth to go against players foolish enough to do so. An example one such player sneaks into your base grabs some things then realizes because he only has one perk of now strength he is over weight at the same time his stealth ends. You spot him and he attempts to run but he only has three perks of grit and over weight so his sprint only lasts for a short duration at which time you have easily closed the distance. He then tries to defend himself but only has three perks in vitality so with about 1 full combo attack from you he is a red puddle in the sand and you now have all your stuff back plus his. If he hadn’t gotten greedy and just took sneak attack at stealth perk 1 and extended bleeding duration at stealth perk 2 he would have gotten away with your goods.

But I do see your point so to make fair here is a better suggestion for stealth attribute

Perk 1 stealth detection, allows players to see health bar of invisible enemies.
Perk 2 sneak attack, doubles damage of first undetected hit
Perk 3 extended bleeding, doubles the duration of bleeding effects.
Perk 4 invisibilty1, upon crouching grants invisibilty for 10 seconds or until crouch is ended or an attack is made. Then reverts to a 20 minute cooldown.
Perk 5 invisibility2, extends duration to 20 seconds and reduces cooldown to 10 minutes.

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You just described the feature I’m working on. :wink:

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Like camouflage themselves when close enough to a bush?

In the following example I assume that health bars are not shown above our heads (nor any sort of plates) and instead the health is reflected to us players how the target foe reacts to our approach methods.

Perk 1

Crouching Tiger - You move thorough the flora of wild without shaking bushes nor taking damage from them while crouched. (flexibility perk)

Perk 2

Praying Mantis - By blending into the biome an undetected moment, you knock down your nearby foe by tackling them. (crowd control perk)

Perk 3

Hidden Dragon - With your adapted keen senses, now you are able to move in running speed while crouched. (approach perk)

Perk 4

Elegant Monkey - Your harnessed skills allow you to detect the slightest of noise made by hostiles within close vicinity. (detection perk)

Perk 5

Silent Crane - Jumping on your foe from unseen heights renders them unconscious; and dead in case daggers are equipped. (mercy perk)


As I and few other mention in other topics, make Tools that changed the effect. This way its just 1 item added to armor bench and not x2 of all armors in game.

No… as people have brought up in suggestion topic… not everyone likes idea.

Some of others are interesting… I’m still waiting on Land Claim Flags or new hair styles… Or Ability change a Thralls clothes on workbenchs.