In depth training, customization with thralls/ open thoughts

Can we get a better thrall system? Like maybe a small training room build that could; increase thralls attack speed, how fast they respond, defensive or offensive attacks, squad placement with which ones attack and standby until others have fallen, a thrall customization (looks) tab. I feel like capturing and pulling them off a wheel just really gets old over time. The creator told everyone in a interview he wanted the thralls to be the biggest part of the game. Yet, we look at them and just see boring npcs , who have no individuality. We could even throw in a rank system. This thrall killed this many enemies, some stats would rise and rank would be given. Dancers could get a room as well. Learning new dances, attack animations and more. My cooks and carpenters the same plus we could actually change how they look. I hear all the time there are teams for art, programmers and more when someone complains about new DLCs. Playing the game at times its like what is actually being done, other than fixing old glitches, render issues and working on the next DLC. The game is good but it can be great. With Ps5 on the way and seeing how Microsoft always responds with a new system, Conan Exiles will be judged on how they are handling the now. Owning it on Pc is easy , get the updates, new hardware and that’s that. PS and Xbox not so much. Just please make the base game to “omg this is awesome” , so when we do get the DLCs we are like “OMFG this is the best, I will leave my spouse, quit my job and reign supreme”.

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