QoL Additions/Changes

  1. Most importan one imo - FIX THRALL AI PLEASE. We should have an option if we hold E on the wheel for “stances” for each thrall when following - Passive, Aggressive, and Neutral. Thrall A.I. in general needs a massive overhaul, but the stances would at least be a doable fix and band-aid the bigger issues until you can get around to it.

  2. Rework poisons - they should be time based instead of hit based and/or allow them to be put on your toolbar - right now even though I main daggers for PvE AND PvP I refuse to use poisons of any kind because of how tedious it is. It expires in less than 2 full combos because each dagger hit (2 per attack) consumes 2 charges and the fact that you have to manually pull up inventory and drag n drop is annoying.

  3. Legendary Armor Repair Kits - the fact that this hasn’t already been added is disappointing.

  4. Climbing - because of lag or server issues often times you will drop off whatever you are climbing for bo reason even when you still have stamina and have taken no damage. Also many places when you reach the top you have a hard time getting up onto the ledge. Please fix this.

  5. Crouch - Please give crouch more uses than just keeping you from falling off of ledges. Idk what or how but if some form of stealth mechanics were added I’d be ALL for it.

  6. Since from what I’ve read you want to make A.I. cities seem more lifelike, in places like Asgarth and Seperemu, players should be able to interact with and use the crafting benches/furnaces/wells ect in the cities. Players would only have access to craft things they have already unlocked otherwise it would appear blank, but they could still repair or put items in the benches.

  7. Fine tune or rework the DLC armors and w/e else to properly fit what it should, i.e. - Pict armor should be cold resist NOT heat, ect ECT.

  8. Add artisan benches and the appropriate items for the benches to the Pict and Japan DLCs - I’m unhappy that they were left out since I paid full price for the pict dlc for less content. I would probably buy the other dlc if you added the artisan bench and the recipes it should have.

  9. If you decide NOT to fix poisons even though that’s the one I want most - add a Venom mod recipe to the archives. That way at least I could put poison on the weapons I like to use.


Isn’t there a poison dagger recipe in the recipes from UC already?

Hmmm Quality of Life additions, I have an additional one to suggest. Please…restore the regeneration rate for the Fierce Vitality perk to its previous values. It has made life MUCH more grindy and difficult for Singleplayer mode.


They covered point this in the latest stream - armors get temperature protection based on the overall availability of said temperature resistance, not the look or cultural background of the armor itself. This way they add cold rez armor if there is currently a shortage of such armor in game and vice versa. This way it is much easy to balance.

Making poison time limiting will make them baseline for every weapon. Right now you can use special weapons (a spear and a dagger) applying poison on hit.
I would rather enhance poison and bleed application by activating Survival and Accuracy tree perks. For example lvl 30 Surv perk could make you heavy attacks apply a stack of poison regardless of have you coated your weapon in poison or not. Lvl 30 ACC perk could do the same for Bleed.

I’d be open to try this out. I’m just not happy at all with how poisons are currently - and your suggestion would surely mean there would be more diverse builds that are used late game.

As I’ve said before, it’s fine as is. Grab a preservation box, grind up haunch, cook it, and store it if you want faster healing. The passive regen is meant for after you’re away from danger, not a mid fight heal.

Agree. For healing in combat you have aloe potion, ambrosia and other like aloe soup. You can use a thrall to tank the boss, even if sometimes they’re unreliable, you’ll take less damages and will need less healing.

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I have made a statement surrounding the ‘ease’ of grabbing haunch in the other thread in this link. Im not goin to retype it again.

I know this is a possibility Wolfrider, and I thankyou for pointing it out, however this tactic really doesnt sit well with me. For one, for me personally it feels like using an auto-win option, which requires no skill or challenge. Furthermore, f we need to use an AI feature to get ahead, that to me says something about the level of ‘balance’ in the game. The second is that as a Crom zealot, it feels wrong. If Crom saw me hiding behind others in battle and expecting them to do all the work while I hid, he would probably think (rightly so) that Im weak and cowardly, and I would deserve a lightning bolt to the head.

That’s why I wrote about using healing potions, like aloe or ambrosia they give the same regen, and dodging while you’re regenerating health. It works very well against Boss, not so well against 3+ NPCs / critters. But in that case you can still run away.
It is not being weak to fight with your brain and to avoid taking avoidable damages. In Ce adapting your fighting style to the opposition makes the game more interesting and enjoyable, imo.

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Have you tried Meat Mashup…slightly less than haunch with a 10 thirst. Easier to acquire large amounts from hyena (feral) and shaleback (savory). 1 feral + 1 savory at the stove if you learn the recipe.

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