Please improve "fierce vitality"

Hi there @108saimon, and welcome to the forums! It is nice to formally meet you. My friend myself and the majority of the PvE and Singleplayer communities firmly agree with you on this one. Fierce Vitality was originally 2HP a second around 6 months ago now, until it was unceremoniously nerfed into insignificance. And debate to restore restore it to some form of meaningful level has been raging on and off ever since. In fact there is a thread ‘discussing’ it in effect right now. Here is a link to it if you would like to dive straight in:

Although a word of caution here, few topics cause as much division and heated debate among the community as this one. You will literally be dropping straight into the frontline friend. Hopefully you can convince its opponents to see some sense here. God speed. If you would like to read some of the other debates surrounding this issue, there are some further links below for you. The original one from when the nerf first arose is first: