Passive health regen is extremely passive

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Passive health regen from the fierce vitality perk has dropped to super slow.
I can’t see it listed in the patch notes so I am assuming it is a bug.
This patch has been a fantastic upgrade to the challenge of the game.
If intended, the regen nerf is not an added challenge. It is a diminishing of the reward for spending your points to get the perk.
I suspect most healing items across the board are not working as they once were.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Lose most of your health
  2. Wait upwards of 5 minutes to regen fully
  3. Compare it to how it used to be before the patch, around a minute.

I wondered about this. The regen did feel slower to me lately, but I can’t say when I first noticed it. I’ve been on testlive for over two months now.


I agree, it feels like it’s a fair bit slower now. As does other healing items. I didn’t compare with TestLive as I only got the 30 Vit perk near the end of the testing period. I am not strictly against nerfing the perk, but perhaps it should not be a 30-point one then.


Spotted the same yesterday, definitely a lot slower.

Also noticed that cooked lobster makes very little difference to regen speed compared to pre patch, have to cook up some decent recipes to get any decent regen. Can understand if that was intentional, but the perk regen rate definitely feels too slow and makes the perk a bit pointless.


It’s extremely slow and you’ve got eat or drink ambrosia, etc and nearly die just trying to heal. It’s ridiculous.


They change 1/s to 0.5/s clear ?

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I don’t have the spare gigs to install testlive so I didn’t get the chance to notice it until doing a round of sepermeru.
Used to be I’d start at the blacksmiths anvil then run through to the dancer and bearer at the brazier (checking others on the way) and so on.
I would take a bit of damage (around 1/4) at each encounter and by the time I got to the next it would Regen completely.
First run through I took similar damage and barely regened at all by the time I got to the next encounter.

I am. It makes it an absolutely useless perk. It never has been something that saves you in battle but it meant you could move on to the next battle quicker. Again its not a problem in most places except somewhere like the mounds or volcano. Going into fights there without full health is dicey.
The way I see it, healing items help you get through a battle, regen heals you when you finish.


I noticed this too when I was playing yesterday. I think they mentioned doing this while working on the patch in Testlive because people were complaining about food and regen being too powerful in pvp? That was a few months ago.

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It is at times like these where I really don’t like games that use the exact same code for PvP and PvE. There are a ton of things you need to do for PvP to be viable, that really restrict what “could have been” in a PvE world.


I can’t be that hard to add a multiplier to the admin panel, then set pve to 1.0 and PvP to 0.5 or 0.2 or whatever it is at now.
Funcom should do this for a lot of things.
Pve and PvP are very different environments. A lot of things that worked perfectly on pve have been compromised for PvP in the past.


It did seem like the passive regeneration got nerfed, and if so, jesus christ. Why nerf this? It was never particularly strong, now it just feels useless though. It is like instead of making other stuff useful by tweaking and buffing it, FC is trying to make everything garbage to even things out… which actually kinda works, but definitely not the ideal solution imo.

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I agree, having often my bases around the mounds. :wink:

Also yes, much slower, and it can become tedious in some places like said. It’s maybe a small difference, but a difference that can be between life and death.


I don’t know. It might be a bug if it was already nerfed twice. I hope they didn’t nerf it again.


I understand why they nerfed it, but holy crap, this is excessive! Could we pretty please find some middle ground?


My goodness I hope that this has not been nerfed. I am unable to say if there is a difference or not on my game, as we have not yet recieved this update on ps4. However, if this does turn out to be a nerf, I will be extremely disappointed. To any reading this I apologise, but this warrants a long and impassionate rant from me.

As an Offline Singleplayer, I am not exaggerating when I say that this perk is my lifeblood! And it is one of the relatively few phenomena which helps keep the playing field ‘level’ for us. As Singleplayers we dont have friends or clan members to watch our backs or pull us out of the fire in a tight situation, or multiply the damage on enemies. If you are going one on one with a Boss, a World Boss or even a dangerous standard opponent (eg-a Dragon), seconds and a few extra HP literally make a difference between living and dying! Coupling passive health regeneration (Fierce Vitality perk) with a piece of food until we can fallback just enough to heal, and moving around while we do is vital for surviving. And in situations with fast enemies which can run you down, such as against Sabretooths, the extra contribution it makes to regaining my health pool can not be overstated. The same can be said about difficult npc areas such as the Mounds of the Dead or the Volcano areas.

Even with this lifesaving perk, it is still VERY challenging to get through some areas in Singleplayer, such as The Midnight Grove. Even when using Exile Epics armours and the highest tier weapons. And I assure you that I am a competent player. Furthermore, if I do die in such a dungeon, I have to go back to the start, where all of the previous enemies have usually repawned due to the slower progression through it.

This would affect players such as myself on two fronts. One is the increased grind (again…) in gathering due to an increased burn of healing resources. The second, coming from someone who loves a challenge, is the diminished fun factor in our mode, due to an imbalance in the difficulty. Any who know me on these forums know that I am not usually one to complain. I dont feel entitled to special treatment or concession; and I knew what I signed up for. But this whole ‘gung-ho’ approach to nerfing everything has to stop. I would like to politely and respectfully remind others (both players and Funcom alike) that these changes which ‘rebalance’ PvP (ie-appease the whiners), can have a profound effect on other modes such as PvE and Singleplayer. Please…do consider us too!!


This is the point.
The improvements in difficulty have been a great upgrade to the challenge of the game.
This bug with regen (still no official word on a nerf) is not an improvement to the challenge. It is manufacturing added difficulty and yes, it can be the difference between life and death in the mounds.


It would definitevely be helpful to understand this change if we got any official word on this !

Hope they will answer our call.


As @Marisa said earlier, the passive regeneration effect from the Vitality 30 perk dropped from 1/second to 0.5/second; this is shown on the Stats tab.

With the more skilled NPCs and new bosses we’re already taking more damage than before, so it would be nice if we our healing options weren’t taken down too many notches. I understand the game is about survival, and food shouldn’t be obsoleted by a single stat perk - but for a solo player especially, one source of passive regeneration makes the logistics of cooking, carrying and preserving food somewhat more tolerable.


It’s actually a balance because they buffed the 4th perk in vitality. Your healing options haven’t been taken down actually.