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I have a testlive server running and I’ve noticed that Health is not regenerating at all unless you eat. I did not see any setting to turn on/off health regen. Am I missing something? Is this a new standard?


They have changed the health system, so there is no base regen anymore.

This is the new standard.

Look at the 3th perk in vitality, it will re-enable passive health regen but you need to spend 30 points in vitality.

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Thanks for the replies. Hopefully we’ll get a server setting to tweak that.

I hope not, otherwise we can just trow all the cooking mechanic out the window…

Keyword “Server setting”

The problem with the cooking mechanic is if I log off tonight everything I’ve cooked is rotted when I log in tomorrow. My hopes is that you can at least regen health when in your structure or near a camp fire. As it is right now at level 9 I have to eat about 10 pieces of meat to go from half to full, by the time you get and cook 10 pieces of meat half of it has rotted.

You can craft a fridge to store the food.

Health regen disabled until you get the perk is good. At level 9 you should make numbing wraps…that’s what I do, place a tanner somewhere hidden, get hide, make leather, get aloe, make 30 wraps/bandage…

Make sense? Else would be too easy…

Its even easier than that :wink: Keep munching on them handful of insects early on. Just eat one every time food regen expires.

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Food rots slower in boxes, chests, cupboards and even benches. What you might try is next time you make steaks, put half of them in the dryer and half in a fire to cook. When they’re done, put them in a chest. Eat the fresh steaks during your session. Before you log off, remove all food from your body into the same chest. Keep 20 honey on your food slot if you plan to check in once in a while and wish to maintain your satiety.

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To add to this certain foods last longer than others, which is a reason to really get into the cooking as well for that benefit and others like increased health regen vs other foods. Lasting Meal for example last like 4 hours I believe while in your inventory and 24 hours when in the fridge. Extremely long time.

No health regen makes combat really punishing until you get Vitality 30. Even then, it takes a long time to heal.

But you know what? If you’re really hurt after a fight and near your base, go indoors, suicide, and respawn. Back to max health in the blink of an eye.

Honestly numbing wraps need to be crafted from fiber rather than leather to prevent this.

The healing bottleneck I believe is aloe. I suppose that with the new farming system well will be able to farm aloe.

Yeah the leather is no big deal honestly, same with honey once you get the hives, but aloe only really gross in the desert so if you’re up north it’s an issue. But once farming comes around it should be good.

I don’t see aloe as a problem… farm the rivers with a scicle every so often and you should have more than enough wraps. At least the way it is on official…

And lots more I think…
Even those two berrytypes, hops and that other plant for brewing should be doable?
Imagine southern loctions being full winerys… Could be fun? (At least on pve…)
I cant wait to see what else “farm”-plants will be.
Or if we will be able to catch goats and get their milk.
Though I didnt keep up to date regarding this.

Things are vastly different on TestLive, and the game is about to get a lot harder. It’s easy when you’re an established clan on an old server, but when you’ve just started out, it’s very hard to heal now.

When I was testing, I would regularly eat insects and human flesh to try and heal, and even then, I wasn’t healing enough to get to max health. Even if I cooked some savory meat, I wouldn’t have healed enough to get back to max health.

Considering that the sickle only comes in at steel (hopefully it will come in at iron and rock tiers), healing is extremely difficult at a low level. Also consider that the harvesting rates have been reduced across-the-board by about 66%. A player is much further ahead just killing themselves and respawning to heal, since there’s no passive health regen.

I think that’s a problem, since there should be better ways to actively heal than just suicide. Which is why I suggest that we bring the numbing wraps down to being crafted with fiber, rather than leather.

  • Suggestion: Plant Fiber + Aloe makes for a crude healing wrap.

Uncooked food should give a little heal like it does on testlive right now.
Cooked food should give a little regen for 10-20min.
Being full should give a little better regen for 10-20min.

That is if no passive regen without the 30point in vit…

Another possible fix considering death is a health regen cost… penalize death by having only 60% health at respawning. It would force you to go find some bugs, eggs, grubs etc to get healthy. I like that they’re making it more challenging in the health department.

Whatever they do, death should cost the player something, making it more imperative to survive.

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I like this. It would also make it riskier to just jump back into a fight after dying.