[PC] Health Regen - Testlive

Yes, I hope for those as well. Makes no sense to lock sickles (and thus farming) behind lvl30 while the farming recipe is at lvl 18. (?)
Also healing isnt hard at all. Just keep eating-buff up. It’s not much, but not hard.
Also if you kill yourself and want to heal by that - you will have to select desert for that…

I agree about the healing. And I’ve been keeping a stack of bugs with me and constantly eating them after the regen wears off (and waiting an additional second or two for regen to work again).

What I’d like to see is a small regen from sitting, possibly more if in a camp, near a fire, etc. and perhaps an actual Rest function applied to beds that you are bound to that gives a little better regen.

I can live with it as it is on TestLive, but I’d enjoy the game even more with some of these health regen ideas.

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I had been wrong about farming being locked until sickle gets unlocked -> one gets seeds after learning farming, possibly even before that.
Also I found that since the mammoth hotfix the dancers are healing me up again. Not as fast as before, but they do heal. Remember we can have those from lvl 10 onwards, if we manage to get the materials for the wheel.