Food shouldn't regenerate health

This kind of system reminds me of that Skyrim meme, while the Dovahkin ate 100 apples while fighting a Dragon, and I think it is quite silly and should rethought using the other functions this game has.

A suggestion is to remove the temporary regeneration buff while you eat food, and give a passive permanent regen buff based on how full you are, additionally it should also disable your ability to eat while the hunger meter is full. This system could work like this: ( The value of the buff is not important, could be anything )

Green with the green circle around it: Gives 1% Health Regen per second.
Green: Gives 0.8% Health Regen per second.
Yellow: Gives 0.5% Health Regen per second.
Orange: Gives 0.2% Health Regen per second.
Red: No Health Regen Buff.
Empty: The same damage over time.

Additionally, players should be able to craft rudimentary bandages at the campfire with a combination of plant fibers and some flower or berry. This would also remove the “protagonism” of Aloe Vera has on healing.


I’m gonna have to disagree with you here. I like having food regenerate my health.


Yes it should. Considering the only other Regen is a perk or a potion.

Try reading the full post next time.

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Well, your thread title does say “Food shouldn’t regenerate health”. What you are actually proposing is that it should still regenerate health, but that health should be determined by how full you are, rather than the quality of the food when it is eaten.

I like food it as it is, because it’s kind of a symbolic token for the passage of time.

You’re obviously not feasting on ten steaks in a row to heal, or using those steaks to staunch your wounds. You’re eating them over time. I like to think that each food represents one meal. If it takes me three meals to heal, it’s as if it took me a whole day. It’s like a ‘fast-forward’ button for recovering over time.

Currently, you also gain more health depending on the ‘quality’ of the food. Insects give you barely any regeneration. Steaks give you more. Prepared meals give you the best amount. It’s a cool symbol for how far you’ve come, and how capable you are at recovering after you are hurt.


I’m not proposing any of what you’re saying, my post is fully coherent with its title.
I’m proposing that the regeneration isn’t connected to the food itself, but instead as an intrinsic characteristic of your character, the meter gives the buffs, the food is just a fuel to keep that meter full.

In the same way that if I hit you with a brick in the back of the head, I was the one hitting you, the brick was just a tool I used to execute the action.

I understand the symbolism, and I also don’t believe that you can build a castle in a day, or carry a hundred wood logs in your pocket. But allowing the food to being used as a healing resource in a survival game breaks the magic for me. And the little things do matter a lot.

Food should be a resource that you have to invest your time to get and you should gather and use only as needed, I also don’t like the fact that if you carry a full stack of a food item, only one will spoil. But in this post I’m focusing on one aspect liked to food.

So what would be the point in getting to the third tier of vitality if you get passive healing just by eating 3 steaks 5 minutes into the game? Your system would make a major buff useless.

Also your numbers are extremely strong - full healing for most situations in one minute without doing anything?

That’s a pretty strong buff for doing basically nothing. At least healing by eating you have to reserve a quickbar slot and, remember to do it and not just go get a cup of coffee anytime your character needs to heal.

With bandaging I would go the other way - if you have bleed damage it should continue to damage you until you put on a dressing - like it real life. It doesn’t heal you it just stops you from dying. Smae thing with poison - you should continue to lose health until you take some medicine or induce vomiting or something.

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The third tier of vitality would have to change to accommodate the new system then, I dont believe you havent thought on that solution, since it would be the first thing to come to mind when you think about it.
Third tier: “you regenerate twice more health over time” Done.

About your second point, you wouldn’t have to write it if you had read the original post where I say that the value of the numbers were just an example.

The other way you’re going into bandaging is for another topic, I just mentioned it to accommodate for a way to active regain health that requires a little amount of effort. Bandages already exists in the game, I’m just suggesting to introduce one more, not to change yet another system.

( And you can already go to full health in one minute without doing anything, since it takes so little effort to gather some insects or berries, that is if you are naked, because you can always go to the chest and grab some spare food. )

It doesn’t stack so

Whatever change they made for the release was too drastic. I will say that. I don’t know if food should be tied to health regeneration or not but I do know it’s been difficult in lower levels, start game, to stay healthy and to keep the health bar up. It’s a Survival Game yes. But that shouldn’t mean I am eating something every minute. I don’t have to drink every 5 seconds.

Your proposal would make any high tier food useless, people would get the easiest food supply and just keep their meter filled. Also they want people to heal up when it makes sense and not have such a strong passive heal during combat. It is why they disable the healing when you take damage and you shouldnt move while bandaging takes effect.

Its certainly not a perfect system at the moment but its better than going back to the old idea of passive healing being the norm.

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I think it is fine as it is, auto regen would break immersion and kill the survival aspect to the game, vanilla skyrim has auto regen and it ruined the fun for me; thank god I used mods for that issue.

Getting full health in 1 minute of eating berries? You’d need to be on a fairly boosted private server for that to be possible. It takes such a large amount just to heal half of a bar.

Food is fine the way it is.


Being as no one had a problem with it in Early Access suggests that it isn’t going to change. If you feel that a game is playable and you like to suggest changes, get into early access so you can make those changes after the mechanics are finished. Healing was already adjusted and nerfed heavily to satisfy the PvP community.

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This is not an inside reunion at funcom’s dev team, It’s a forum to discuss some changes with the community, doesn’t matter if it isn’t going to come to the core game, we have mods for that. I Believe you think you are in a place that you’re not.

I do it all the time playing on barbaric, I live in the north and I can’t find aloe there, so I just use the berries to get me to full health, I can always heal fully going from one camp to another with no prob using berries, I always leave base with a full stack of em.

Yep, that’s the Idea behind the post, something that could feel more immersive and such.
Minecraft in the old days used food as healing items, but they have changed the game and know food only fills your hunger meter and the hunger meter heals you, in a different way of that I have described but still works with the same mentality behind it.

Actually I think you may be… See there is a Suggestion and Feedback area… this is a general discussion area… And I’m saying that if you wanted to make suggestions for the games mechanics it might have been smart to do that earlier. Like before it was released. When the rest of us were doing that.

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Healing trivialized PVE too, heavily so. So it wasn’t just a PVP issue.

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