1 HP/sec Passive Healing from Base Placeable, Improved Healing from Food

Probably not the first time it’s been up, but healing in this game completely sucks.

I’m talking more in the early game than anything else. It’s annoying as hell that you cannot create your own bandages until you are level 25. That seems just a bit ridiculous to me.

The main problem with the early game is that you are required to eat food to recover. And the effect doesn’t stack, or at least increase the duration. So you have to eat something, sit and wait for the regen to finish, eat something else, wait for the regen to finish, eat something else.

If nothing else, can you at least let the duration of the regen be increased by eating more food?

So if I eat a piece of cooked Feral Flesh, it gives HP regen for 10 seconds. If I eat 3-4 that should push to 30-40 seconds so I can just eat a couple and not have to micromanage it.

It’s like the biggest flaw Conan has, to me.

We really need a better way for healing to be done in the early stages of the game. Either a lesser healing wraps that doesn’t heal as much, but can be crafted at around level 5 or 10. Lowbies have access to Aloe, surely we can make some rough healing bandages at that point.

On this subject, passive hp regen is currently in the game as a perk. You need a 30 Vitality for this. I’m not sure offhand how much HP regen this is.

However, I think we also need a way to passively heal without unlocking this. And only when in the safety of our base. Something that would be largely useless if you attempted it’s use in a combat situation.

Essentially, 1 HP/sec. I’m level 17 now with 224 HP, that’d be 224 seconds, so more than 3 minutes to fully recover HP. But it would be a huge help to low level players who take damage from the NPCs and enemies, to go with eating to restore HP.

I think it would be far less of the annoyance it currently is.

In all the solo game I’ve played I’ve never crafted any bandages. I never needed them. I don’t let creatures bleed me to death. I prefer to dodge and to disengage to be able to fight another day, than to keep fighting and die and respawn in the starting area because I forgot, once again, to set my bedroll.
The same logic apply for healing : dodging and staying away from your foe during healing time. If there’s more than one, then run away. Alternating short sprint and normal run is enough to keep a distance without running out of stamina.
And you can heal while running. On a PS4 you can use the wheel while running, climbing and swimming. That mean you can equip or un-equip a tool or weapon, drink a healing potion, drink from your waterskin, eat food.
When I started the game I was diying all the time at low level. Until I remembered the key in a fight is to hot without being hit. And if you can’t win run away.
So I disagree with your suggestion to make healing easier at low level. If you think you take too much damages, then lower the setting for the amount of damages received.

Excuse me but it seems you don’t know starting from level 15 you’re able to keep Firebowl Cauldron recipe to make aloe extract, the base healing potion of the game, wich stacks with food :wink:

That’s why, after the very few initial levels (to reach level 15 is just few hours of gameplay) you’ll do not need so much more.

Bendages are awfull anyway, working only outside of combat.

Best way to heal early game is to kill the big turtle looking guys, get their meat, cook it in a camp fire, and then eat that. The feral stuff really isn’t worth it on its own unless you are about to starve otherwise.

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Yeah, but the entire point is, the healing from food is pretty terrible all around.

One thing I have noticed with Grilled Steak, obtained via the Savoury Meat from Shalebacks. A lot of the time when it’s the first bit of food you are eating to start the regen process, it looks on the HP bar as if you take about 10-20 damage BEFORE the regeneration begins. Not sure if this was intended or a bug, but I have seen it multiple times.

It’s not a bug.

When you fill your hunger-meter you obtain a bonus on yours max health points (to your max, but not to your current ones :wink: ).

That’s why visively the bar seems to empty, if the bar could change it’s dimension according to your max health points you’ll see it become just longer, but the bar still have same dimension if you have 100 or 120 max health points, so it seems you took damages when you eat.

Ah, well that’s not so bad, at least.

I need to get some production going for compost, start planting aloe seeds. I haven’t done as much of that as I should.

Wishing they’d give us a dedicated farming plot to grow continually instead of the auto-conversion growth of the planters.

Craft a grinder and use fangs to get bonemeal. They’re easier to get than bones. Put the uncooked meat in the compost heap it will turn putrid a lot faster than letting it rot in your inventory or in a chest.
Near the noob river you can kill shaleback for the meat, use a cleaver to harvest it. And kill crocodile for fangs and saurian hides, use a skinning knife to harvest. You’ll get feral flesh too, with the skinning knife, you can put in the compost heap to produce putrid meat.

I’ll have to head down to my H camp and try that when I get back into the game.

I just installed a Grinder and Furnace back down there to raid some crystals for glass and salt. Most of my other stuff is parked between Heartsblood and Dustdevil Ridge, west of the Darfari capital.

I’ve been mostly raiding the Dustdevil camp and kidnapping Darfari to break.

So far I’ve got a cook and armorer, and I managed to get a Fighter II from them.

I should spend time down south anyways. I need to grab more Hyena pups. I have the animal craft multiplier turned down to 0.001. Not exactly fair, but I’ve been getting a glitch closer to normal levels, where the crafting doesn’t finish when it reaches the end. And has to be restarted.

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