Healing from food too low

Just trying to start again, official PVP, there is almost no healing from food.

It is really boring to be locked in the bandage animation for 5 seconds over and over, not fun at all.

(I always run around the whole server before building a base, to see if the server is ok).

I am ok to make the game harder, but increase animals and npc health instead of nerfing player health or healing. The game must stay FUN!

So after 1 hour, just quit and play another game … sad :frowning:

Food doesn’t heal, it gives a regeneration buff. Use Potions or Bandages for healing.

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You should make potions from aloe vera.

Food is not a healing item anymore, craft potions and bandages.

Increasing the HP pools of enemies is not going to make the game funnier, actually it’s going to make it worse.
There are a lot of things that needs to be fixed but the healing is ok as i see it.

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Some foods regen health more than others. Cooked Pork Feast regens 15 health per 3 seconds, slightly more if you have t4 vitality perk. The only food better than that is the religion feasts. Still lose the sated buff if you take damage, but it’s easy enough to kite enemies for a bit while it ticks.

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It’s fun to see how little some people know. Potions is one way to heal, food is another way to get some hp regen aswell but not effective. But there is other ways. But I will let you guys figure it out yourself.


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