New Healing System Feedback

So previously I believe when you were full HP, you healed overtime. However now, in order to heal, it’s either through eating, being in the right religion, or waiting till your 25 and are able to unlock bandaging. I gave this new idea a shot and it works terribly and so far everyone I know is just as annoyed about it. Bandaging needs to be an early game unlock and food shouldn’t heal you unless you have the right perk in my opinion. While there is an abundance of food, I think the food system should be completely reworked, because it’s just too basic for a survival game. For example, this food should be wasted on making better meals that slow your need for food, rather than constantly eating food to heal yourself.

Even in a crappy and watered down game like Minecraft, better foods give saturation, which makes your hunger go down slower. In here, you have an attribute for that which doesn’t work well whatsoever. Aside from the perks, this survival attribute is useless besides removing an annoyance that shouldn’t exist and should be removed by eating the proper “filling” food.

I think food should only heal you if you’re hungry.

Eating multiple plates of huge pieces of meat to heal when I’m already full is silly.

The food system really does need to be reworked. A lot of it makes no sense at all.
For instance roasting exotic meat yields a food that heals 80, yet some more advanced recipes using exotic meat heal only 60 while others are 80 or 100.