Food not healing

Hey All,
Sometimes I when I eat it shows it takes it out of inventory but I do not heal.
Its intermittent at best.

I have the same experience. There seems to be a slight (couple of seconds) cool down between meals for the healing effect. If you wait a couple of seconds after the healing stops for your next meal the healing will always start again. However, If you start your next meal instantly after the healing stops it won’t heal on the next meal. The result of this “spam” eating is that every other meal skips the healing.

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What food are you eating, specifically? I’ve been able to maintain regen by eating both steaks (savory) and haunches (exotic) while the regen was still ticking and it never dropped. In fact that’s how you survive getting caught in a sandstorm. Was able to do it as recently as an hour ago, so it’s not something that recently broke. Certain food, perhaps?

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Hey Guys,
I think it is more what Fygmint says,but then how are you supposed to heal in combat if you have to wait.
Like I said it is intermittent.never was a problem.
Also some times my health bar goes backwardsfor a sec the goes up.
Again no problem.
Again thanks for your time

Thje “backwards” thing, when health actually decreases before it begins to increase again through food regeneration I believe is due to some combination of healing effects (at least as it has occurred for me) where I’ll be receiving the effect of a potion or other source then eat something and it drops health first. I’ve assumed it to be a bug or unplanned result as they are tweaking how healing works.

And eating consumables such as meats (raw or cooked T1 - T3, Yog Purified Flesh), insects, common prepared meals you find in loot boxes have all worked as Fygmint suggested for me as well. I must pause for two or three seconds before eating again or that “bite” is wasted. I’ve been playing on TestLive the last few hundred hours and experiencing this behavior there. I am only just about to try out Live again after a few weeks away, and check this and other behaviors.

I’ve been doing some testing with healing items recently, both food and potions. I believe the ‘drop’ in health you noticed when eating is not a drop at all, its your maximum health increasing; which makes your current health appear to be lower. It seems to be that when you are 100/100 on hunger, and perhaps water, you receive an increase to your maximum health and stamina of around 5%.

This has actually been mildly annoying in my testing, since some healing effects seem to be percentage based, and some healing effects (such as food) increase your hunger, therefore increasing your max health, which in turn effects healing done. :stuck_out_tongue:

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