Does food regenerate stacking?


When you are eating to regenerate your health. Does the food you eat stack or do you need to eat then wait 10 sec before eating again?

Sorry for the silly question :flushed:

It’s not a silly question.
Eating a lot of pieces of food at quickly will not stack the heal effect.
Eating a piece of food brings up a line on the screen saying Regenerating (or Regeneration) with an hourglass timer which drains whilst you are being healed by the food item. IF you eat again whilst that timer is draining it refills the timer so extends the healing time of the food a little bit. For best effect I’ve been told it’s better to wait until the timer has nearly expired (hourglass is nearly empty on screen) then eat again to refill it and so continue to heal.

I think you can stack 2 or 3, but i am not 100 %. I have never fully tested this, but there will be icons on the top left after you consume. Every time you see a new icon for regen, it means it is its own timer (the same for all buff icons). So if you eat 4 aloe soups let say, but only see three regen icons, then the fourth restarted the oldest timer before you got the full effect of it. So if each Aloe does 10s of heal time, if you consume 3, then a 4th at the 6 seconds mark of the 1st one, that stack resets, losing the last 4 seconds. So instead of 4 x 10s = 40s of heal, you got 36 secs. of heal. Again, would need testing to confirm if this is true, and how many stacks before just resetting timers on older stacks.

Food doesn’t stack. If you eat another piece of food while the timer is still going for the last one, it basically just resets the timer and you lose out on whatever was remaining from the last piece you ate.

However, food does stack with other sources of healing. So, for example, you can eat food and use a bandage and both will be going at the same time.


thats right. that is where you get the 2nd regen icon. eat Aloe soup, then drink tea. Don’t know if you can get a third one from the healing wrap. Might test tonight.

What Glurin said. The most common method used in PVP is to eat a Roasted Haunch and Herbal Tea. The Haunch has a good heal and will completely refill your hunger meters. The tea will recover 25 or 30 thirst and creates 2 different regens that ate significant. The Haunch counts as a food and the Tea counts as a drink, so the regens stack.

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