LOVE the new tweaks!

I love the new updates in game play. The new weapons actions, the improved health regen (finally useful and worth the attribute points) really improved my gameplay.

Keep up the great work.


don’t get used to it. hotfix incoming :stuck_out_tongue:

regen is not working as intended and has already been addressed as a bug.

So it’s a bug to actually have it regen? It was virtually useless perk before. Now it’s great.

The normal improved regen is working as intended, I think. I’ve seen take effect after dying, then ticking up over time. It DOES counteract Frostbite and Heatstroke. However, there seems to be a bug that causes you to rapidly heal to full a few seconds after taking a hit in combat, which ignores all damaging effects on you.

Considering the perk is to actually give regen, I’d say yes it is a bug… Right now, in SP I seem to regen 2hp a sec without even having the perk. Which, unless I’m wrong, was never the intention since the perk is what actually makes us able to regen.
Edit: Not only that, but it regens through bleeds. I had a 10 stack of bleed on me while checking, and inbetween the bleed damaging me it managed to heal me. Sure, with a 10 stack it won’t be by much, but still.

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