Health Regen not working / other problem

Dont know if anyone is aware but the health regen isnt really working and i am leaving the game with 100% health and when i get back online im at 50% health and by health not regening is i have the passive health regen forgot what its called but its not working. Is their gonna be a bug fix soon


This is a long time issue.

I stopped playing back in November and this issue was going on, with it being free on PSPlus I figured servers would have life so I’d jump back in and play. And the issue still exists.

Don’t think/expect it to ever be fixed.

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Yeah i mean im trying to go north but with my health not wanting to regen like it should its hard to fight on. I tried posting a photo and its not letting me. I really hope they fix this cause i switch from cod for this game. I mean its relaxing but having to constantly check health cause of a bug is stupid.


Sometimes I log in and this is the case, other times it isn’t. Remove bracelet (near respawn point) to fix it.

Its a silly bug.

Basically, you are at 100% health, but the hud is stuck at the base health you start with. Notice that if someone hits you, the bar will increase instead of decrease. That is why you are not regenerating. You are already full but the hud is wrong.

Worst part about it imo is the blood effects on your screen. Its basically the reason I remove bracelet. To get rid of that effect. Otherwise, just eat something and this also fixes it and pops you up to full.


As others have said it’s an old bug that the developers are aware of but can not reliably reproduce to investigate what code to change to fix.

The easiest way to get to full health when you log in with half health is eat a piece of food. This usually bumps you right back to full health. It does not make the blood splatter effect go away.
The other way is to die … Eg pull bracelet and respawn.
Or other players say take some damage and then heal.
Or finally relog until you log in with full health.

I first eat something. If my health does not jump to 100% then I know there’s some issue with my loading into the game that time and I’m likely to have other issues … so I relog.


What about going north ? Says its cold and i understand that but with passive health regen it should keep it from going down

There are some areas of the game where it is extremely cold or hot and the passive temperature buff is not sufficient to stop you getting frostbite (or heat stroke) and taking damage and dying.

Wearing armor that provide cold (or heat) protection and consuming food and drink that warms you (or cools you) will add to the temperature resistance you get from your perk.

There is at least one place (Bridge of the betrayer) which is so cold it overwhelms everything we can do to survive… basically you run over that as fast as possible.

Note: the passive temperature resistance we get from our perk does not protect our unconscious body.
Official servers have a setting that our unconscious body remains in the world so if we log off in a cold area where we would die without the perk protection then our unconscious body will die whilst we are offline … then when our corpse expires all our inventory goes into a loot bag … which then despawns.
So if you are logging off I strongly urge that you either:
Log off in a temperature neutral area, whether that be in a different zone or in a building made of a material where you take no damage from the environment if you have wiped your attribute and are naked.
Have a base with a chest next to your bed. Strip and put everything in that chest. Click your bed so you are sure you are bound there. Then log off.


I dont use the official server, i use the server durano’s deranged domain on ps4, its a pve server and the stamina goes lower and pretty peaceful. They got a facebook page and the admins have helped as much as they can. It jist sucks that their is a bug but the devs cant figure out whats causing it

Hey there,

Just a heads-up: we’re working on improving the readability of health regen and temperature so players can more easily see what’s happening to their characters.


Yay, glad to hear that. Its such a pain :laughing:

The half health issue is being worked on:

According to Ignasis in another post it has been fixed on Testlive. It will be released live on all platforms soon.

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