Regen since update

Game mode: Online
Problem: Performance
Region: Americas

Regen no longer working. The only thing that heals are bandages since update.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Take damage
  2. try anything besides bandages to heal (including eating)
  3. See no movement of HP unless you use bandages.
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Regen is only with the third tick on vitality.
they changed the entire healing process.
See Firespark81 on you tube numbers change

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This is listed under ps4. Have they sent a update to Ps4 or is the wrong header? @Hyborian_Jones

The new healing experience is across both maps.

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Then it’s PC only. op post under PS4 I have not received a update for Ps4 Unless my wife missed seeing it a couple hours ago. Say hi to Mrs. Jones. My wife and I play together in the living room like a couple kids.

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