Fierce Vitality not working

Game mode: [Official PVE 3509]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [America]

came back from a break to my level 60 naked character on official PVE server 3509. found a spot to rebuild and hunted for food with starter level weps and gear. at first regen was working i think, my health stayed at full while hunting and building.

i logged out for about 1 hour with full drink/food/health status. when i logged back in i was still in my hut, food and drink only down a hair but my heath was at 45%. i tried everything to fix my health, eat, relog, run around… no more regen and i can’t get the health past 45%.

at this time i have nothing since i took a break so a respce and such will not be possible. anyone have a workaround to get health regen and/or heath back to normal???


i took off my bracelet and my health returned and regen started again. BUT i did not get the option to spawn at my bed!!! i had to run to starter area and agroa bunch of mobs to kill me then i got the bed option.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. see above comments

I had this issue as well I just gave up and re did my stats again to something that worked. Seemed like after active regen i gained no more benefit i.e. food actings as a healing potion.

NOTE… Walk into the nearby cursed wall when spawning in the desert to get the chanve to spawn at bed or bedroll seems to be fastest way

thanks. what really makes it bad is now i ALWAYS have the blood splatter on my screen due to logging in and i am below half health. even when the health pops back to full (from battle, sometimes eating food, others it just recovers), the borders are always blood now.

Hey there,

Our team is aware of both issues (Fierce Vitality not working and logging into a server with 50% HP) and they’re looking into them. Thanks for your feedback.

i don’t see this reported. in addition it looks like other admin dominate and bump up issues at their whim.

there should be a section for PC, PS4, and XBOX. lumping all platforms together is not how most other companys track and fix bugs. it seems that dev is forced to only work on common bugs and only address the platform specific bugs based on maybe staff and marketing requirements.

But we do have a section for PC, Xbox One and Ps4 feedback collection. :slight_smile:

are you being sarcastic? i know there are the forums, i am posting on them…

i’m talking about funcom asking us to vote for bug fixes on this trello site:

trello (conan-exiles-community-reports)

If your comment was about the Trello board, we don’t have different sections for reported bugs in there, unfortunately. But if an issue is reported on a particular platform, we do add that extra information in the description. Usually, all the issues reported are similar in all platforms, with a few exceptions.

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