Logging in with half health

Game mode: [Online PVE Conflict]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Oceanic]

When logging into the official PVE conflict server for my region, I frequently log in with only half my health, what is worse, I now am unable to even heal the damage with which I log in, leaving me effectively half crippled. On those occasions I can heal myself, the damaged health blood splatter remains around the edges of the screen, which is in itself quite annoying.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log into server.

When I log in with half health, I eat a piece of food and that usually jumps me back to 100% immediately. The blood splatter visual does not disappear however.
On the rare occasion that my health does not spring to 100% with food consumption then I find that other aspects of the game are bugged … bicycle floating over my floors, ownership issues etc. when this occurs I exit the game and restart.

I have exited and restarted repeatedly without repairing the problem, at least not entirely. the only ‘fix’ I have found, is to strip off all my gear, go get killed, i then respawn to my bed at half health, but can repair my health and the visual finally leaves.

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