Private PS4 PVE conflict server bug

I am at 200 health when I log in with the blood around the screen. Intended means of regeneration do not work.
Taking damage is the only way I’ve found to make regen work when I first login and suicide is the only way to remove blood around the screen. (Until next login)

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Known bug, present on all platforms, online and offline, official or private servers.
Next patch should fix it, if it will ever be realesed.

Tip, you can just hurt yourself enough to lower you health (which is actually at full, despite what showed) around 55-60% (thats the % that triggers the bloody screen, if you dont fall under that percentage to trigger a real bloody screen it will not go away), it will start the regeneration (or heal yourself with consumables) and make the bloody screen disappear.
I personally jump off my base roof/cliff/whatever to do so everytime I log in.
When they will fix it I will miss the masochistic part of my daily gameplay.

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