Passive Health Regeneration

Passive health regeneration is ticking at about 3 ticks per second in testlive.
Passive health regeneration in the currently live build ticks at 1 per second.

Is this an intended change? Sure hope so… :wink:

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Shhhh!! @Wak4863 dont tell them that theyll be scrambling over furniture to fix it! No in all seriousnes, while we can only hope this is an unexpected and welcomed change, I think it will probably be squashed quicker than a man who complains to Crom because he didnt get everything he wanted for christmas. Although I would even be happy to split the difference to 2 hp per second. This would would see it essentially restored it to its original, and sorely missed pre-nerf values.


After further testing…

Passive Health regeneration is 2 ticks per second and soothing added 1 tick per second for a total of 3 per second.

I didn’t know I was soothing in the first test because it’s not displaying on screen currently. The only way to know you are soothing is by looking at stats.

Hey that is great. This would mean that for now at least, it is pretty well on par with its former values.

Hang on Wak4863 isnt Soothing usually only 1 hp every 5 seconds, as opposed to 1 every second!? Is this a missprint buddy, or has it been buffed too; intentionally or otherwise?

Test shows 3 ticks per second while soothing and 2 tick while extremely cold. I can’t remember off the top of my head what the soothing effect said under the stars menu. Will look at it again when I get off work.

Will you two shut up? You want them to “fix” this?



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They have already fixed that internal…

Yeah there was no way in hell this was going to go unnoticed speedice. And ‘helpful’ opponents of increased regen are always quick to point out any changes to it.

It’s not about people hating regeneration.

It being so high that it trivialises entire parts of the game (temperature, noxious gas enviroments) is just not balanced.

If you want to play the game that way in your singleplayer PVE world, just open admin menue and tick God mode.

Or set difficulty preset to ‘easiest’.

That is a bug. It should cut out as soon as we begin to take damage. God even I dont want it to function during environmental damage or debuffs, let alone surpass them!

Furthermore, it is not about wanting an easier game experience. This is NOT a difficulty issue.

Oh how charming and constructive. OR…maybe just learn how to actually catch runners on your PvP server, and come to terms with having to wear another players health down again if they do heal. God forbid you actually have to spend more than 2 minutes killing an enemy, before you rush off to the next encounter.

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the remark was aimed at trivialising content, not PVP, but thanks for being charming and constructive.

You were being derogatory Gnadolin. And if you werent, I can assure you that it sure as heck reads that way.

Just because I desire a return to 2 HP a second of regeneration, up from 1 HP a second (oh the horror), you just assumed and actively insinuated that I want an easier gameplay experience (which I do not), mocked my mode of play, then told me to go and cheat.

It may have been aimed at ‘trivialising content’, but the statement was also loaded.

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