HP regen - This game is satisfying again :)


The HP regeneration rates are now sublime and befits the action RPG survival game that CE is.
I’m playing CE again. Well done!
Best change you folks have made for a while.


Depends how high/good the regen is (again).
When its to much it will be mostly changed anyway, because PvP players will cry again, that people just heal while running away…

But lets hope FC found a good balance finger crossing

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What was the 30 VIT perk before the nerf? Anyone remembers?

And PvE players (like me) will probably be happy about it… But for PvP players. Its hard to say.

They buffed poison and bleed for that. (Damage over time prevents healing).

But you need to know that these things exist in the first place. Just like herbal tea. @Halcyon

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Does 40 VIT amplify that?

Also noticed the bleeding effect duration is way lower now (not sure with perk does that), got in a fight with an entertainer and when she cut me, duration was about 3-4 seconds instead of the previous 15 seconds or so, and it wore off real quick. Not sure this is a good or a bad thing!.

How much Survival did you have?

I noticed this, i feel like i have the lifeblood spear back. The heal is a good amount, HOWEVER, i feel they should put a delay on it. I was in the unamed city and was pretty much tankin a skeletal boss. i was healing as fast as they hurt me. Need to put like a 5 second timer before u start healing.

Well this isn’t good then. It will turn PVE into a button masher.

I have the minimum 30 vitality (+1 from item). I noticed I started healing 3 per second after a few seconds off fighting.

Edit: Sorry about my mistake, I gave vit stats, instead of Survival. Right now I have survival maxed at 50 (yes, modded server).

5 seconds delay is too long. They simply should halt regen during aggro.
In PvP there should be very long duration poisons that halt HP regen indefinitely, until you can cure it with a potion that cripples you at the same time.

** *Holds a cup of Herbal Tea and pours it on the ground while looking SirDaveWolf in the eyes * **


I was under the impression healing stopped while engaged in fights, but can’t be sure now as Xavier was effectively tanking a boss and regenerating at the same time. I will test that too as soon as I can get in game again. The idea seems good to start with, no regeneration while engaged, only starts after a short cooldown after fights.

I think what he was doing, without being able to test myself yet, was dodging and healing so fast that when he did get hit it was too easily regenerated without fear of death, thus almost like a straight up tanker.

If it is too good to be true, it is probably not intended :smiley:


I agree, why use herbal tea, when it is easier to cheese certain animations and get a nice little stamina glitch. They say they fixed the last batch on the latest update, but i am sure crafty players will find another that nullifies herbal teas only real use now yet again.

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I doubt it was intended. Didn’t regeneration already get a reduction?, that would point to the direction devs wanted it to go. Now, if regen is kicking as soon as your health is not maxed, 3 per second is wild, I was used to the old rate and adapted my fights style to it. When I was testing the new patch earlier, I swept Asagarth without drinking or eating a single thing in less time than I did before the patch, and back then, had to drink or eat on ocassion. Hopefully devs or moderators will come and tell us what’s going on.

Let’s be real guys this was NOT intended and will get patch in a hotfix asap. FC is generous but not that generous. Enjoy it while it lasts cause I’m sure won’t be for long. Think about it, they nerfed a method that required a weapon that needed to be farm for hrs,days, or months depending on your luck to just come now and give us the equivalent literally for free. All we need is vit 30 and that’s it. Very fishy if you ask me and being realistic it’s clearly not intended. Hopefully @Ignasi or @hugo can come in and clarify this.

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It was regen and players could regen through poison gas before they nerfed the rate and later made damage cancel regen.

Agreed, unfortunately. Everything has been pulling in the other direction patch after patch so while I feel a few things aimed at making things fun rather than ‘srs bsns!’ all the time would be good, this is probably too much to hope for. And possibly a little too much, period.

Well, with actual rate, you’re not going to need food or drinks to regen, but to ease thirst and hunger. Add 10 to survival and you can pretty much go anywhere without carrying any whatsoever.