HP regen - This game is satisfying again :)


Yeah nope the regen is bugged. I was healing through bleeding, so this is something they will probably have to fix in the next week or so.

Even if it wasn’t intended, the people who will cheese it will complain about a nerf when it gets fixed. That is the mindset of the “survivalists” playing this game now. Button mash and resource stash is the new norm of most of the players on CE now. Anything that makes that harder to do is considered a nerf in their eyes. So they more than likely welcome the insta-heal going on with latest patch.


Dont get me wrong, i like the instaheal—when im only traveling around and stuff, especially considering they broke the freakin lifeblood. But i KNOW they didnt intend for it to heal the way it is and i KNOW your not suppose to be healing while u bleed. I welcome a regen you can actually notice. But like i stated earlier, it needs to be tied back a lil with like a 5 or 10 second delay. Or u only heal that fast when ur not moving at all.

So regen has been boosted eh? Likely unintentional. Was playing in single player as our server was down last night and thought it was something to do with my admin mode settings - seemed much better than it was even before it was reduced.

I’ve reported it as badly broken…

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I like it when something’s advantageously broken.

Adds some character to an otherwise homogeneous rock-paper-scissors experience.

I wouldn’t know. I don’t play CE when it’s tedious, i.e. no heal regen.

Not interested in drinking herbal tea every time I fall off a small cliff, that’s too small to climb-strafe down, because the trajectory isn’t conducive to strafe contact.

Besides, my combat experience in PvE is hiding behind a shield and lettign the thrall do the combat, because i’m encumbrance build all of the time.

I like the convenience of regen.

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They do. It’s called PvE servers. But it’s unfortunate that PvP players seem to undermine that all the time with their cries for nerfs.

If PvP players want a challenge, they need only implement a poison that prevents healing regen until cured by an anti-dote that cripples.

But apparently everyone here would rather complain about changes, than find good solutions.

Hope this isn’t functional warpaint all over again… was perfect until they fixed the permanent-until-death bug.

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I think last patch was quite challenging, from a human npc viewpoint. Going nude makes it easy to calibrate between patches. This patch I can survive by kicking my way nude through Asagarth with 50 lobster on board. It might’ve gone a li’l haywire.


Hey, I’m a PvP player, but believe it or not more than 75% of my playtime has been PvE. That’s 3,000 hours playing PvE, out of my PvP total for just the Barnes ID. I know, that’s wack. I love this game.

Healing now, as it is, must be a mistake.

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Probably is… Everything that’s good about CE seems to be a mistake.

C’mon now. The women are gorgeous. Thralls are fun as hell.

I just think we could use a Slider for this sort of thing.

Tell me about it… mine even heals me.

But you see what i’m getting at?

Only thing CE got going for it is nudity and greatswords. If it’s tedious to play, it’s not gonna last.

Atlas (that pirate game) knows.


I agree about boredom over meaningless tasks, but health maintenance should not be among them. However I was speaking about the facial characteristics and body matching. There’s so much detail in Conan Exiles that goes unheralded.

Which brings me back to @SirDaveWolf. I prefer the days of tea-dium.

:slight_smile: Brilliant.


I’m definitely not in favor. It’s a survival game not an fps. An auto-heal makes it ridiculously easy. Even before this there was nothing you couldn’t do solo with a well geared thrall and some healing arrows. Now all that’s needed is to step out of combat for a few seconds. It’s ridiculous! If this stays in they lost me.

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Don’t tell me they actually stealth un-nerfed something?

Lame Vitality is now Fierce Vitality again?

Yay! About time.


No-one official ever confirmed that the nerf was intended in the first place.
It was initially called a “graphical bug” ???

So looks like they finally “fixed” it…