HP Regen Broken - pretty much game breaking

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Canada

At vit 30, HP Regen is fast enough that…

  1. Bleed at stack 6 or so is offset and does not have any effect
  2. Heatstroke and Frostbite you do not, or barely do you, lose HP. Go ahead and run nekid through the volcano no problem. Stand in the gas areas of the volcano (I’d guess the brimstone too) without a gas mask. lol
  3. You don’t need to bother using aids to heal during basic combat.

Perhaps these things should be preventing HP Regen in the first place? I dunno its broken.

Also, the Soothing Buff has been broken since release and has not been fixed.

Funcom, this whole patch was not tested huh? You need a spanking.


I play on a pve server. Prior to this there was nothing you couldn’t do solo with a well geared thrall and some healing arrows. This auto healing is utterly ridiculous and yes, it’s game breaking. If this stays in long they’ve lost me as a player.


i confrim,
in addition you can survive now easily to sandstorm; you can be gas poisonous to x8, hp regen will still be able to heal you…

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can confirm, feels like it increased either over time or triggered by something.

gotten to a point that I had some kind of pseudo healing factor, and it was extremely obvious when bleeds were stuck on me.

I had 7 to 8 bleeds and my natural hp regen out healed the bleeds.

and when I was sparring, if I was low on health I would go so far as to run away for 5 seconds…and my HP regen was acting like I popped a roasted haunch x aloe soup heal combo. healed to full health almost 6 to 8 seconds.

relogging or getting your self killed is the only way to get rid of it…but this definitely needs to be fixed asap.

edit: having a sneaking suspicion that dagger bleeds are whats causing the healing factor buff/bug. will try to reproduce the bug /glitch when I have time.

Hey @VirginMarie

We were made aware of this issue shortly before releasing the new patch. We’ve fixed it internally and will release a hotfix soon to cover this issue.
Thanks for your feedback and apologies for the frustration.

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@Ignasi I want to try and give you this feedback without sounding nasty, but it’s hard. Here goes.

Your answer essentially says “we knew we are releasing a game-breaking bug, but we went ahead anyhow”. This shows that your company has a very poor “Quality Culture”. Why would you release it with the known game-breaking bug?

Another example off your QA Culture that is the one that continuously seems to say “players are our QA”. Players are expected to report bugs with sufficient info, yet you are lucky they tell you at all as they are NOT PAID to test your game. And then there’s TestLIve which apparently nobody is participating in it lately thus the very limited testing has become even less. Those who DO like to help get frustrated because when they do report a bug, you release with the bug anyhow.

Players are NOT your QA. They are not good at it, they are not paid to do it, thus this is a very poor strategy.

I’m beyond frustrated by your company’s approach to QA. Frustrated is the wrong word… disappointed… angry… disgusted.

Why would you release it with the known game-breaking bug?

Coz with the update they released a DLC $$$,

DLC that is not included in the 2 year season pass $$$$

sorry, my mistake.

False. It is included in the season pass. On ps4, all i had to do was click the download button in store, and the even though it did not download there, it was available on feats when i opened game.

I think there is a something to do with a key code for Steam if you are on PC.
But do not report false info. Check the forums first and make sure it is not user error.


I paid for the Season 2 Pass, and the new DLC is working just fine for me on PC/Steam — they have been since the official I play on was updated yesterday morning.

We’re not going to get into details, but there are certain steps needed to release a patch specially when taking into account all platform requirements. In this case, it was minutes before pressing the “send” button on the patch notes. The process on all platforms was already started and there was little we could do besides swiftly working on a fix. Which is what we did.

We understand that game issues can be frustrating and you’re all free to send us your feedback and constructive criticism. But please keep in mind that we don’t willingly release bugs or break things just because. We do have a QA process but what is often ignored when finding a bug in a released build, is that QA found a bunch other bugs that were fixed prior to the release. They do also run their own tests and report problems properly. We also gather feedback from our community that sometimes it is not yet found by us, other times it complements what we’ve found, and other times we already knew about. This is an organic process in which we want to include as much player feedback as we can, and in an open world sandbox games with many intertwined mechanics, many things can break or act strangely in the most unexpected ways.

Given that this issue has been acknowledged, fixed internally and discussed enough, we’re going to proceed to close this thread as it has served its original purpose. We thank you all again for your feedback and support, especially when delivered constructively.