Please improve "fierce vitality"

Trait “fierce vitality” is obtained on 30 vitality - you character has 440hp.

Now “fierce vitality” regenerate 0.5 hp in second.
It mean from 1hp to full - 440 it be:
440 - 1 = 439/0.5 = 878/60 = ~14.633 min.

It really slow.
During this time i can run diagonally from one edge of map - to another.

Also regen 0.5 hp/sec from “fierce vitality” even lower than “soothing”(1 hp/sec).

Please rebalance it.
I think perfect option can be:

Character regenerate 0.5hp/sec without any perks/skills/conditions.
With normal temperature regenerate also buffs with “soothing” like now.

But “fierce vitality” give scalable hp regen instead of default(0.5hp/sec).

vit 30 = regen 0.5(vit(30) * 0.2) = 3 hp/sec*
And if add “soothing” it be 4hp/sec.

It mean from 1hp to full(without “soothing”) - 440 it be:
440 - 1 = 439/3 = ~146.333/60 = ~2,438 min.

It much quicker.
And be a lot more usefull.
But not too fast to do this trait imbalanced.


Hi there @108saimon, and welcome to the forums! It is nice to formally meet you. My friend myself and the majority of the PvE and Singleplayer communities firmly agree with you on this one. Fierce Vitality was originally 2HP a second around 6 months ago now, until it was unceremoniously nerfed into insignificance. And debate to restore restore it to some form of meaningful level has been raging on and off ever since. In fact there is a thread ‘discussing’ it in effect right now. Here is a link to it if you would like to dive straight in:

Although a word of caution here, few topics cause as much division and heated debate among the community as this one. You will literally be dropping straight into the frontline friend. Hopefully you can convince its opponents to see some sense here. God speed. If you would like to read some of the other debates surrounding this issue, there are some further links below for you. The original one from when the nerf first arose is first:

Thanks, i add my idea there.

And same topic about add full offline possibility is exist?

Also even 2hp/sec - extremly low.

Maybe straight progression without trait will be great :
vit * 0.1 hp/sec

And with “fierce vitality” doubled that

vit * 0.2 hp/sec (with 50 vit it be 10 hp/sec)\

It can be llittle imbalance.
But i think regeneration delay(mean reg start some time after hit, hitted is abort regeneration for that time) after getting hit is resolve that.

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Thanks for lending a voice of support .

Im not 100% sure if this is what you meant, but you are wantung full offline mode…? Are you a PC player? We do already have full offline mode on consoles if you have a ps4 or xbox1 (Im ps4) if you own one. I think its possible to have full offline mode on PC too, however it depends on whether you have a digital copy or a disc. The disc version does have full offline, but not the digital/downloaded version. It is something to do with Steam, which I have a poor understanding of, if memory serves me correctly.

I also have full offline(network totaly down i mean), but cause of mod from steam workshop.

I no see any reason why developers can’t add this possibility by default?
Mod author can stop support mod, game can update version - and i again without offline.

Now I am completely dependent on the support of the mod by the author of the mod

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