Vitality 3 should be base game, not perk

It’s not even an option not to pick Vit 3. (passive regen)

I think Vit 3 should just be standard, and HP should be gained per level, not Vitality.

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I like the current system for this. It makes for interesting choices. Passive regen was removed to make food more useful and ultimately, even with passive regen food will be the primary go to for healing. The big problem is that there is no stone cleaver or skinning knife. This constrains character progress unnecessarily. Once you hit iron, character progress is fairly smooth through all of the tiers, but getting past stone seems to be unduly burdensome.


I would invest 30 points in vitality all the same, so if I get a regeneration perk on the way, it’s more than welcome.

I admit that it is a useful perk and probably should be a tier 2 and not 3. That way it would be in line with other useful perks like falling damage from agility or the gathering one from survival. It would also be in a sweet spot between an ‘all or nothing’, maintaining point choices still an interesting aspect of our characters and allowing less restrictive investments.


Passive regen has been in the game since it was released on steam in Early access and was only removed with introduction of the new perk system a few months back.

With no passive healing food no longer redundant like it used to be. Previously only way to heal was to use either Abmrosia or Aloe, now all foods heal which gives them a purpose.

Not picking Vit 3 turns the HP bar into the new hunger bar. Food regen doesn’t help much vs extreme cold and heat either. Passive Regen however does.

I think there’s no harm in having food regen augment the passive regen. I just don’t think it’s cool that not taking Vit3 is almost not an option, considering it is a universal QoL feature.

And I was thinking that Vit3 should swap with vit5. Never used it until someone told me that it is very useful for farming in the north and i was already 60 =p . It ignores cold damage already and makes combat even easier. It is too powerful to have it on 3 or to be ignored. In other hand vit5 is not even worth. So both could be balanced by that.

But I know that everyone wants the easy way and you guys gonna disagree =)

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There should be no passive health regen, period.

Because the enemies are dumber than a box of rocks, passive health regen is OP.

You’re in a fight and get surrounded? No worries! Jump/dodge out, walk to a rock, climb or jump on. Watch the dumb enemies just walk away from you like they have no idea where you are…and then watch your health fully regen so you can hop back down and take them all out.

If there was no passive health regen at least you’d be forced to eat or using a healing potion. While we’re at it, eating shouldn’t regen health either but that’s not the topic at hand.


So no passive regen or eating to regen health? Hmmm.
Just too easy for you with passive regen and eating regen huh? That’s cool. You know you don’t have to put points into vitality at all if you don’t like those perks and feel they make it too easy for you.

There is a hard mode in the game, better still go play PVP for a while with those “Dumber than a box of rocks” players and see how well you can do with no points in vitallity.

Myself I happen to like it the way it is thank you. There are options for people who like to make it harder, all you have to do is use them.


I value QoL over challenge, because I live in survival games. I don’t just play them.

But that’s just me. People who want challenge usually don’t play a game long enough to regret the challenge.
To them, challenge is an obstacle to compare themselves against others.

People who savor the dream that a game offers, tend to enjoy it’s more pleasant aspects, such as landscape, atmosphere, lifestyle, and possibilities. This doesn’t mean that savoring a world is mutually exclusive to those who like challenge. Quite the opposite, it is inclusive… just a shame it’s not mutual. People who want a challenge, don’t want it to be easy for everyone else who do want it easy.


You’re somewhat right, until I stumble upon a dancer thrall…anywhere.

And then I have infinite health regen, at any time, making me an unkillable God.

Plus, I shouldn’t have to gimp myself to make the game more difficult. it should be inherently difficult from the devs themselves.

It can be even easier for anyone who wants it to be even easier.

Solo or coop play, admin panel. Boom. Done.

So you just don’t like anyone to be able to have an easy time of it at all? Is that your problem here?

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It’s a survival game and as such a survival game should be difficult.

Are you trying to claim that most of this game isn’t easy mode?

Like when you fight The Barrow King, you can go in there with no points speced, your bare fists, and kill him because he simply is unable to ever hit you.

Or the fact you can simply spec 30 vitality and walk/run around the entire map naked and nothing has any chance at killing you because it cannot catch you.

I’m not worried about comparing =p . You could however enjoy all you said without making the game “dumb” or thinking too much on the things you havent done yet but could if things was easier =). the fun is on the road not in the destiny .

@Zagan should be us the PVE players asking for more difficulty not less. In the end we can only be challenged by the “E” part of the game while PVP players just want to be max level to fight over others in a “fair” combat =)

I can already see where this entire discussion is going:

“If you don’t like it, don’t play official.”

Well, it’s a good thing that official is the very pinnacle of all things compromise. A foundation of compromise all unofficial servers and single-player experiences build upon.

I can see that Vitality 3 itself is a compromise, due to it being a choice, without being a choice, at the same time.

You seem to know all about the admin panel, so you are probably cheating your way through the game. So no wonder it’s too easy for you…lol. Go on an official server where you can’t use the admin panel and try a higher difficulty.

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I think that if we do drop Vitality to 2 or 1. Its regen need to be nerfed heavily. Because at the current rate i was able to outlive a sandstorm and poison.

I wouldnt mind it being nerfed but buffed at the same time like this make regen only applied when you are 75% or more full on hungry and water and allow burst of healing of quick regen for 10 sec when eating and hungry meter is below or at 50% before eating.

So that if you are a good player and knows to keep those up you are rewarded for good play

And what this force is taht you are now having to carry more food and water thus filling up your inventory and thus makes you less able to carry the more dangerous stuff.

It’s sad that people want to nerf easy mode without even trying harder modes or pvp. Doing that will just make everyone else leave the game and you will be playing with yourself. There are 4 difficulty modes, but you people only see 1 when you start the game. EASY, yeah I want it to be EASY, then when it’s EASY, you complian that it’s EASY. pffft.

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atm it is easy what im doing is providing a healthy and fun way to change regen while keep the core of the game (survival) in check. so that in progession its there and its help you and reward good plays while if you dont use it to its potential you lose out the regen.

OK, so you’ve checked it out, now move on to the next harder level, maybe there is no regen. Have you ever considered that?