Vitality 3 should be base game, not perk

I’m talking about the difficulty of official servers…

i.e. there isn’t any.

To not have HP regen, is to hang on a cliff between every pull, and waff down 3 fish strips over 15 seconds.

For a single trip, you bring along 3 stacks of fish strips because you must also account for fall damage.

I don’t think you’ve truly played official servers without health regen.

Dont need a cliff or food of that quality. You can walk, dodge and block while food regen takes effect. If you keep surrounding your enemies by taking steps in a circular way you hardly get one hit. Thats for npcs, for the most dangerous animals you just nuke it out so they wont have time to give you the hard hit “rhino stomp” or elephant “touchdown”. =). Outrunning is also possible for health regen.

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if the consensus is that vit 30 is a must, then it should be moved to the 50pt perk instead. Or just eat some food instead.


What fun would that be?

Maybe you should complain that there are not hard mode official servers. Now there is a valid complaint. Maybe you shouild complian that on hard mode there is still passive health regen, there is another valid complaint. Stop messing with the easy mode settings and make the hard mode the way you want it so you get the challenges you crave. I’m totally with you on all of that.

Easy mode should be for us casual players that want to explore the content of the game without getting frustrated. Understand? Then when we get familiar with the game we can join you on hard mode.

it’d break people of bad habits and encourage build diversity

People here need to learn the difference between vit 3 and entertainer thrall buff.

There is literally NO WAY you could outheal a sandstorm (let alone poison, don’t even think of both combined, and don’t talk about the bleeding the dancers inflict with 20 stacks).

Vit 3 in itself is not OP. It is the erratic behaviour of the thrall buff that cumulatively seems to apply over the previous buff. Hence you start with a 50% buff and at the of the day you can end up with 5000%. The buff applies a Base regeneration rate which then gets ever bumped by 50%, progressively. So instead of applying a fixed 50% of the said Base regeneration rate and renewing the duration of the buff, the current behavior applies a 50% increase over the last applied thrall buff.

Let’s say the Base regeneration rate of the buff is 1. Instead of 1,5 fixed regeneration, we are getting 1,5 in the first buff application, 2,25 in the second, 3,375 in the third, and so on. It could also be the case of adding the fixed 0.5 increase, so the progression ends up being additive rather than exponential: 1,5 then 2, then 2,5 etc. This I have explained is what I have experienced over the days, in fact if you pay attention to this unintended behaviour, after the server restart you have Base vit 3 regeneration and the health bar has nothing to do with the behavior of the last hours of the session.

Just do this: take out vit 3 and play a normal day of play. You will see virtually no difference in your regeneration ticks (or chunks) compared to having vit 3.

So wait… what your essentially saying is…

If I sit in front of an entertainer till i get a stack of 10 entertainer buffs… then give kinscourge a good trashing, I can heal myself behind a shield in 3 seconds (in-combat), with or without Vit3?

No I didn’t say exactly that, but almost. Let me try to explain more consistently.

There are two behaviours of the thrall buff right now. One is the intended one, and its indicative manifestation is when when the buff icon on the left stays at 10 stacks permanently while near the dancer. This just applies the intended 1,5 regeneration. Note that the numbers I use are just illustrative.

The other behavior can be noted when the stacks begin to increase and then the icon on the left goes off before reaching 10, then begins again at 2, then increases to maybe 4 or 6, then restarts again, and so on.

This second behavior is what gives our health bar the ability to heal for 20hp per tick.

So while you got it right and yeah, you can facetank kingscourge even naked thanks to this bug, you might only do it when enough second behaviours have been applied to your character.

I have done quite some tests on this, and the behaviors are most likely linked to the difference dances the dancers perform. I have noticed that when they do the dance in which they grab their feet, the ticks restart at the very same step.

Also, I have seen that when I log in, the buff applies as it should, fixed 10 stacks. However, after using the map room and coming back, the erratic behavior kicks in. I wonder if it is linked to cleansing corruption.

rubs chin So the cimmerian dance receives it’s own instance of the buff. Then upon beholding a khitan dance, another instance of the same buff is applied, albeit, 2 instances from 2 different dances, but the exact same buff?

That might explain why I sometimes get the “wolverine” effect of super healing… because i have 1 dancer in the main hall, and 1 dancer in the ready room. I usually make a stop at both of them on my way to the map room. Hrmmm.

Your quite right, btw.

I’m sure they will fix this.

And I do play the game a lot with normal passive regeneration. It’s definitly not OP, as you said. It’s significant enough to be a QoL. like…I don’t want to eat 3 fish strips every time I underestimated the height of a jump, or I miss a cliff-face grapple due to lag.

I see no harm in this being part of the base game as opposed to a… perk.

It’s like a choice between having Aids or not. Doesn’t feel like a choice, but more as an inherent human function…

That doesn’t sound fun. It sounds more like an exercise in making others attain habits you deem good. Potty training gamers, as opposed to augmenting play-styles/preferences.

See, if you remove Vitality tree as a whole, and make it lvl-based…not only would levels feel more palpable, but it frees up more points for true build diversity, because people can finally invest more in other trees as opposed to all out Vitality 3 and 41 points encumberance and 1 in grit, str and agi for most of the time.

Passive regen would be fine if they could have a “combat” and “out of combat” phase, with out of combat providing a very slow regen that progressively gets faster as time goes on, to a cap ofcourse. The healing is strong enough as is, I think its more of an issue with vitality being the only source (outside of 1 weapon I think) that provides health. I don’t mind it providing health points but it shouldn’t be the only source.

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I think getting 1 point of vitality per player level is good.

Every vit perk below 3 should have HP regen, Vit 1 = 0.3 hp regen, vit 2 = 0.5 hp regen, vit 3 = 1 hp regen.

@NinjaEd sorry was meant to reply to thread. Can’t change the reply to after posted.


No I only have one dancer in my base and I get the progressive regeneration increase bug just with her. What I meant is that every dance is a continuous loop of different dance steps that repeat indefinitely, and that the dance in which the performer grabs their foot, the one with the back-flip stand, the buff restarts the application before reaching 10 stacks in one specific point of the loop, always the same one.

This makes me think that it might also be some kind of “line of sight” issue between the dancer and our character, as if the projection of the buff fell underground and could not reach the character (therefore resetting the stacks just the same as if you run out of range).

The foot grabbing for a dance is particular in that the dancer moves along a distance of 2.5 foundation blocks, I wouldn’t be surprised if that too is part of the problem, like sinking the point of origin of the buff underground at some point.

Newbie actually needs HP regen the most, when I was a newb I thought the game was bad design because everytime my exile got hurt and the HP was like 10%, it’s easier to just suicide to regain HP to 50% than farming aloe/soul for ambrosia/aloe potion. It’s still a fact to me though.

So passive regen should be available early game and I suggest lower regen value since the hp pool is also low. It’ll still be useful for higher HP pool especially when only gathering mats and got attacked occasionally, it also give us more flexibility whether to regen faster by increasing the vit perk or spend attribut points elsewhere.

IMO HP regen doesn’t mean easier gameplay. It’s just convenient.

BTW I’m curious about healing with food, do I still get healed by eating food when hunger is full ? For some unknown reason I always forgot to test it in the game. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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sadly the 30 perk is required to no pull your hair out doing the most basic of things. wouldnt be so bad if food healed for more…

they nerfed regen
they nerfed potion heals
they nerfed food heals
they nerfed bandages
they nerfed getting hit cancels so many effects
they nerfed food stacking regen

they hit us with most of those in like a week or two when testing and during combat rework

lots of nerfs not enough retro fixes of the massive overnerfs of basic gameplay…i can still chug a golden lotus potion and heal for 80% hp…so not sure what there trying to do since makes a few super OP heals vs everything else sucking for no good reason

Yes, the dancer thrall bug is absolutely ridiculous and frankly game breaking…but that doesn’t mean that passive regen isn’t a problem also. Especially with the rest of the games mechanics.

I get into a fight and get my ■■■ handed to me to the point where I’m at say 50 of 400 HP. I still have enemies surrounding me and I know if I keep up the fight I’m dead and I have no healing potions or food on me because well, I came into this fight unprepared. What punishment do I receive for being unprepared?

I find a rock and jump on it or find a small cliff face and climb up it or even more ridiculous I’m near deep water where I can swim… I now do one of those three things and go smoke a cigarette, get a beverage, go to the bathroom, whatever and in 6 minutes I’ll have full health. Because none of the enemies in this game have the AI to surround where you went to, to get the jump on you when you come down. Archers won’t shoot at you for some unknown reason. And even if an enemy chased you into the water, inexplicably they just sink to the bottom and stand there not that they’d attempt to attack you if they were floating next to you anyway.

Meanwhile here’s another issue with the passive regen, I get my health back but whatever damage I inflicted on the enemy stays. So I went from being in a fight that when you’re unprepared for you should die - just being honest to a slog fest that I just easy moded through due to abusing the mechanics of the game.

If the AI was tweaked to archers shooting you while on a rock, or NPCs climbing after you or animals circling you as you’re prey waiting for you to come down or even just had their own passive health regen or in the NPC case, ate or took a potion then I’d have no issue with passive health regen.

Outside of lag, there is absolutely zero reason you should ever die in this game once you get the passive health regen perk.