So I spent 30, yes THIRTY Points in vitality

And you give me 0.5hp/pr sec. at lvl 60 :face_vomiting:

Combined with lag and on official servers that just not worth it.

So either remake attributes or buff it again.
I hate to wait when u farm or enjoy npc killing.


I think vit 30 perk is good enough.

There are many cheap ways to speed up healing.
Shellfish or roasted haunch provide a nice hp regen for example, and take very little effort to get.

If you need faster regen, there are other healing items to be crafted.


You get the vitality for the hp and the 4th perk. Regen is just a bonus. You have consumables to heal the dmg and some of them are frankly quite op for what it takes to craft them :slight_smile:

LOL, if you can’t survive these lands with 3 tick vitality you’ve got some major practice to do.

Beyond 3 tick is a waste of valuable points. There are a gazzilion healing food and concoctions so there is no reason to go beyond that…on ANY server. NPC’s barely scratch me with my configuration. Carry Aloe Soup or Herbal Tea if you need to heal fast. Roasted Haunch is also really quick. Abysmal Flesh seems to have been nerfed a bit but it used to heal a lot faster.

Potions of Beastial Memory are VERY easy to make so if you don’t like your set up, try another set of specs.

I’d also suggest to study armor and learn how it works. There is armor that adds vitality, armor that adds strength, grit, accuracy and survival. Want to add more points to your attributes. Choose the right armor too.

You may be level 60 but it sounds like your knowledge of the game is level 20. Not trying to insult you. Just saying that you need to understand the game a little better.

IE: I actually get 51 strength due to my armor and weapon choices and still have 3 ticks in vitality and encumbrance plus 1 tick in Grit. My armor has master kits, weapons have master kits and NPCs barely scratch me even if I stand there and take it. (Except Beserker…He still hits hard) Have to actually use PVP skills to fight that NPC.

Test different setups or talk to other players and see what set ups they use. There are plenty of points out there to work with.

What type of player you are also makes a difference. If you’re on a PVE server you’d default to different stats than a PVP server.

Im not saying its difficult to heal, Im saying I shouldnt have to waste 30 points in this slow tickle.

I got 4k hours in conan, I know how to heal. Just think the attributes needs a rework, and a slow tickle of 30 points isnt worth the points.


You talk like these 30 points are only to get the third perk. But perks are just bonuses, what you’re doing by spending points in vitality is mostly increase your health. That’s not what we can call a waste IMO.

I don’t see the third perk as a “in combat” regen solution, for me it’s a passive regen without having to use consumables and it works pretty efficiently.


Our standard load out for a fighter is 39 str 31 vit. Armor brings the vit to 40, a potion brings the str to 40.
Not bad for walk about

your suggestion if we can even call it a “suggestion” doesn’t show these 4k hours.

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Stats are good as they are. I agree that perks are just bonuses and should not define gameplay, even though some of them do, like encumbrance.

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Well it did get nerfed to 0.5, it used to be 1.0 probably before ur time here.

Wanna try my 4k hours?


I don’t have 4k, i don’t even have 1k of playtime, and i was here when the regen used to be 1.0. I remember it quiet well and it was really good. With the regen of 1.0 i never brought healing food with me, the regen was sufficient. I do agree that after spending 30 points, the reward doesn’t seem to be that great, but look at the third perk in Grit for exemple, you get +15 armor, that’s mediocre. The perk isn’t as good as it used to be, but in my opinion, it was maybe to good before and it wasn’t used the way intended. @Kearsan is right, it’s just a buff for non combat situation, if you took a little damage from a jump or random situations like that.


Not quite correct what you said regarding 30 points is enough for all game types.

If you didn’t have 40 Vitality on certain PvP servers, you had no chance to compete because the enemy would always out-heal you with the 4th perk of vitality.

40 Vitality was and still is mandatory for good PvP Players.


Hehe I remember you.

You were crying when I ganked and killed you on that PvE-C Server because you were unable to fight back.

You were also stating that pets should kill players more quickly because of your lack of fighting skills, which I assume are still not included in those 4K hours.

Did it? Or is it just a typo in the Statistics screen? Last I checked (by getting damaged and then counting seconds with a watch while my health bar was filling up) ) the actual regeneration rate was 1/second, despite what the statistics screen claims. This may have been changed so recently that I haven’t noticed.

No, it did 100% sure.


Hello fury, yes I do not PVP in CE.
Hence I have 4k Hours on PVE-C

I still cant PVP on CE because of many reasons. We casually pvp in the arena, yes same place we had a friendly fight when u and some other decided to slaughter all of us xD

Your welcome to come back to us, gank me to death and the other griefers now on the server.

But I will always be a builder.

I pvped i Aion.

Instead of aloe soup try hearty stew combined with herbal tea/ice tea or spiced tea (depending on biome) … u will be amazed… After extensive testing (made by me), best healing food is derketo feast followed by js feast ( especially good for sunken city) and 3rd is hearty stew (best normal healing food)…

How did you get level 30 vitality for only 30 points? Level 10 is 15 points and it only goes up from there. All jokes aside I have as much time in this game as you if not more and I understand how you feel. Nobody likes a nerf but passive regen was never a combat healing option even at 1hp per second. Food for combat and passive for non-combat it is just a way to extend your food supply. Try playing without it for a while and see if you still think it isn’t worth it. Good luck on dealing with pve-c toxins. Not about that life. I’ve been on those servers. Full of Poe please who think they can fight right up until I solo a whole server of people who think killing an imp while in silent legion makes them strong.

It’s fine as it is currently IMO. As others have said, the 30 points are the point, the perk is just the bonus - though personally I find the bonus quite valuable, and all my builds have at least 30 Vit as a result.

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Oh yeah, and I posted this after being in frost temple with lag trying to lvl enough thralls before this shxx clan purge pulls ME, I was nowhere near of dying tho, but that spicy food aint up to par with aloe soup combo. If u drink that stuff in the cold u will surely suffer a quick death…

That changes the situation quite a bit. Also aloe soup isn’t that great of an option anyway. Try herbal tea and some form of food. That gives you a turbocharged healing buff.