Thrall emotes and music for buildings

I recently got the game as a part of the ps+ offer but as im building my settlement i was thinking if would be cool if you could make your archer/fighter thralls do a emote or chain of emotes of your chosing or just put them in chairs if your trying to make a tavern like building. And i also thought it would be cool if you could choose the dances the performers do. And even better for tavern like buildings if you could put music in them so it isnt so awkward and silent while you sit by yourself with people standing around staring at walls. My solution would be a new kind of thrall that you can find in big camps that was a sort of musician. Although i dont know how possible these things are i think it would be cool to have eventually.

Heres a breakdown

  1. Ability to make fighter/archer thralls do emotes or chains of emotes
  2. Ability to choose what dances performers do
  3. New musician type thrall that will play music

Sorry if the order i suggest things is bad, its late and im tired.


And also sorry if these have already been suggested millions of times.

A lot of these things have been suggested before, yes, but still a great idea, especially for PvE and roleplaying servers. :slight_smile:


Yeah this is a great idea! I play solo on single player and sometimes I miss this kind of life in the world.


Yes there needs to be more options like this for the roleplayer. Not all who want to role play are on PC


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