This Game stil has the highest characteristics to be a very very high populated MMORPG. Why?

1)The combat system, Enviroment etc… Unique in MMORPG games.

  1. there’s a generation of gamers born around year 2000 that want a Game like AoC but doesn’t know that It does exist.

  2. NOW, in 2022 is when almost 100% of graphyc hardwares can run the Game actually playable in 99% of situations; not to mention that by Steam people can play with a regular pc/laptop only by having a decent connection.

  3. telework is now a reality for thousands of people. that males It easier for players to get online in time for raids and more often in general.

  4. For current population and in order to bring old/new players you can make a TIER 7 and 8 and meanwhile achievements like: for example, LEGENDARY NECKLACE and more weapons/PIECES OF GEAR with gemslots or ATLANTEAN SHARDS boxes if you do 15-20 times all the 6men (godslayer Modes, wyrm, dogut, etc…) in all the Game, restarting again the quest every time you want another Piece of gear/shards and so on…;

with things like that you’d promote a “coming back to Life” of all dungeons rarelly made nowadays meanwhile Funcom can Focus in highest tiers.

Only by investing in more PVE highend and being aware of PVP for cheaters and people doing illegal things in PVP, the returning players ratio would rise surprissingly and the investment in ALL SOCIAL MEDIA and game magazines in order to people born around 2000 and on to know the existence of the Game would bring plenty of new comers, Many of them would be subscriber as myself sooner Than later for sure.

I really don’t know if this post Will be Accepted by this community but I honestly believe the golden egg hen of funcom is Age of Conan. I’d give this chance to their BEST Game (in my opinion) to go to the top of the list plaied games.

Waiting for opinions. Cheers!!


Never ever ever ever will happen.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the game though

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They can start from not complicated things like:

  • GETTING RANK 9-10 in factions of kithai (maybe vighdis if it’s done with the horn and in group of 3-6) with a purpose: At rank 9 we could get unlocked a T4’5 set, distributed in, at least 2 factions. At rank 10, T4’5 weapons.

  • ATLANTEAN SHARDS: (for example):

  1. if you do 10 different 6 men (godslayer Mode in kithai and fort ardashir) 5 times, you get a loot of 150 shards.

  2. If you do them 10 times instead of 5 times you get 350 shards.

All of this repeateable. Finish and can start over with Ppl from global, guildies etc…

Those are 2 examples of how they could maximize interaction between players by giving incentives.

If all the community agreed with the Main idea of giving us more to do appart from kuthchemes, SG grinding meanwhile they prepare a TIER 7 we could make a serious “noise” in forums. I think it’s worth trying.

I am a believer, think it’s doable.

Long Life to AoC!!

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I really love your enthusiasm, unfortunately Dev team (if there is any still around) doesn’t share it. We can always hope for the best though.


YEs! We can always hope for the best! :slight_smile:


The last raid T6 was released in 2015.

Let that sink in and let me know if you think a T7 will ever be released…

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Yeah let’s Hope.

I’ll be happy with a T2 revamp to T7 ( on 3wings for 3years Of update) i’ll be happy even if no New Gear or a craft Gear ?? Drop recipe on raid could be nice

And why not same for T3 ??

Those two raid are very cool todo.

Hmm but i may Dream too much

Just use House of Crom for T7. It’s a wonderful instance with a lot of encounters.


Yeah ! Hoc is perfect !!

afterwards I would even be satisfied with Bubshur House on raid mode ><" Or Villa on 6man oO could be nice this one

T7 should be T2, but just make it all the bosses at the same time, that would be fun.

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My opinion is everything good if add/editing with this game. It gives her fresh air.

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its too late for aoc. It has morally and graphically outdated.

Damn, Boesch still alive :rofl:

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6 Years later…

The date is actually in reference to January 16th not January 2016, but still. What’s the point of necro’ing age old dead threads?

But Boesch was answering in January 2016.

No my friend, if you click the date that says Jan 16, it shows you the exact date and time Jan 16th . Im pretty sure this new forum didn’t exist back in 2016 but i may be mistaken…

I don’t play anymore but sometimes I poke my head in to reminisce on the old times! Good luck to anyone that hopes for any development in this game.

I’m sure T7 will be released any day now…

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Along with crafting revamp