(prof. agent) froob agent help

So I’m looking for advise on how to play an agent.
I’m only lvl 20 and have zero idea how best to efficiently play him. Example: what FP should I use? I know MP is good but I. Ant at current lvl so should I go enforcer? Soldier? Or somthing else?
I have an ofab subway rifle but all it does is aimed shot so killing pve takes a while. And the DOT agents get look weak, are they worth getting?
My root hardly works but I assume it gets better with level.

Just any advise would be helpful.

Using False Profession: Meta-Physicist requires 180 nanoskills in BM, PM and SI and is indeed your best option at the start.
Become a Meta-Physicist, cast the various nanoskill teachings or masteries and then cast the attackpet and healpet.
The pets are a tremendous help at lower levels.
If you have trouble reaching the nanoskills to cast false prof: MP, ask for some help from another friendly MP to boost your nanoskills.

Once you did cast the pets however, the false profession MP becomes rather useless unless your pets die and you need to recast them, so you can pick an other profession once the false prof runs out.
Going enfo is a really good option with rage, mongo and challenger being extremely useful nanos.
Adventurer and doctor are useful as well for heals and morphs/damage and doc init debuffs.

Trader is about the holy grail for lowbie agents, as you can drain into riduculous highlevel stuff, like weapons or MP pets, but it requires a lot of planning ahead and knowledge and for starters would boil down to equipping a 6-slot belt and highlevel ncu chips in order to hold a metric ton of absolutely necessary buffs.
I do recommend going for MP & enfo instead to avoid frustration.

Higher level roots or DOTs do not get particulary better at higher level.
Roots break easily while in combat and you always need to be ahead in the nanoskills for them to land in the first place.
Let your MP pet or a teammate tank the enemy’s damage whenever possible unless you feel confident that your MP healpet can outheal the damage.

As for weapons - as long as you stick with rifles, the aimed shot special is about the only special you’ll have access to.
Boost your damage with critical buffs and the concentration nanos.

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