[Agent] FP Nanoskills Penalty

I read on the False Profession nanos description that it applies a -25% to nano skills. Does this decrease apply only to the base values of nanoskills? Not to whatever the value ends up being after items and buffs, right?

For example, a lvl 15 Agent can have 79 MM if maxed out. If I cast FP, what will be the value of MM?

bit late but yes it only applies to base skill. 25% of 79 is 19.75 so you should have either 59 or 60 skill left over, because skills actually have a hidden decimal place due to ability trickle. 4 intelligence is worth about 0.8 MM skill so there is a possibility you have 79.8 MM.

any points gained from ability trickle are counted as base skill. meaning they are reduced by false profession, unlike implants or gear which give flat nanoskills.

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