[AGENT] Changes Log (current to 18.8.5)



Original post:

Hello all!
Here’s a brief overview of proposed .21 changes.


  • Ruse: No more AAD or size reduction. Has the cloaking device’s sweet-■■■ fading effect instead. Downside/benefit that nano effects on you aren’t visible.
  • DoTs: Most cast/recharge times reduced, nanocosts roughly halved. iDC damage buffed as well; for example, iDC is now 2143 nano for 431/tick casting at 7.35s/4.65s to 1001 nano for 631/tick casting at 1.9s/1.9s, and is now consistent with a TL6 Doc DoT.
  • Damage buffs: Assassin’s Grin now takes 27 ncu.
  • FP: No longer affects nano range or interrupt chance. Instead of debuffing nanoskills directly, it removes a percentage of the base skill. Note this is not the base skill shown on the IP window, but the amount of skill given purely through IP, not through gear or trickledown from abilities. Scales 25%/15%/5%.
  • Death’s Gaze: 110% NR check, 4s duration, 5s recharge.
  • Evac Nanos: No longer have stun resist, remove roots+snare instead, last 15 seconds. Also have NR and AAD added, 2 minute cooldown with the debuff removed.


  • Cloaking device now only adds 65 conceal, down from 650, but can be used in a fight.
  • Ado Brain now adds 25 NR.
  • Repressor now stops all npcs and players who are attacking you, including if you’re attacking them. You can re-AS them after this. Player effect is “just stopped attacking.” Can only be used in FP Agent, lockout is 10 mins at QL1, about 4 mins at QL300, scales up to requiring 976 psych.

Perks: Lots of things have changed with perks, so I’ll go through individual lines and then give a summary at the end.

  • Shadowsneak: No AR, low perk checks; full-on nuclear line. Fade Armor (85% check) is an AC and 100 NR debuff, 30s up, 60s cooldown, can be followed within 10s by Shadow Bullet (0.5s, 10% check), which is high damage and can be followed within 10s by Night Killer (2s, 90% check) which is sick damage but 5min recharge. Attack skills are AR.
  • Sharpshooter: No AR; another kill line. #1 (0.5s) is 30s, and can be followed within 10s by #2 (2s), each checking AR vs 90% dodge.
  • Made: Def/sharp, CC/damage through The Shot, which has lockdown 75s from 120s, fires in 2s instead of 5s, and is slightly lower damage. Checks AR vs 90% dodge.
  • Assassin: Slight AR, some def, some CC through tranq and the CS+Assassinate combo. CS damage has been dropped, but Assassinate is 2s execute with no %hp check, must be used 10s after Assassinate. Perks check AR vs 90% dodge.
  • Black Ops: Moderate AR, some CC through soften. PPS has nerfed damage but is faster and doesn’t need SU. Death Strike hp check is up to 50%, making a clear combo to CS or Death’s Gaze. Perks check AR vs 90% dodge.
  • Infantry: AR-buffing line. +120 rifle, more than all the other lines combined, it makes up for it by having rifle vs 100% dodge perk checks. APS still boosts PPS damage.

There are further combinations with the Genome perks:

TROX has some nice options for tankiness and defense in Fortress and Wit, which are reversed in the perkline, and Body Tackle is your generic breed damage. MR has a 2s delay on the RAGE, and then debuffs your AAD by 1500 and critdecrease by 25%. If you want to build hp/def setup, this is probably the way to do it. If you want to gank, be aware you’ve made yourself more vulnerable than your target, but this should still be doable. Apart from the new AAO-checking perks make MR ridiculous.

OPI offers decent debuffage and the most direct damage of the breeds. Opening is fast, 3k-4.5k damage 0.5s, and Derivate has 1300 damage/2s tick and a 150 AAD debuff checking evade. On a def target, this may open up the rest of your perks, or perhaps Fade. Opi blind doesn’t blind any more, but debuffs AAO 75 and more (7%) base nanoskills. Dizzing Heights is now 3.5k-4.5k 110% AR vs 80% duck, so pretty viable against high def targets.

SOLI does what it does. Survival gives nano now and is almost twice as good (probably handy for people in sold), while Feel is a little wimpier. Sphere is up to 150 aao/aad and 10% crit, which is seriously OP regardless of your setup. Tacky now gives snare resist, but also 5s stun resist on a 135s lockdown, down from 180s. For the guy who’s done with being CCed or stun-alphaed, this is pretty solid.

NM is roughly what it was, but functional. Pen has a little –NR added, and is moderate damage now. Reject is also moderate DD, checking duck now. Sword is now far easier to land, and blunts your nanoinit, healeff%, and nanodamage% in addition to your cost. Notum Shield is now a flat 10% reflect buff draining 500 nano/sec until you reach 5k, which is probably ~20s. If you did a sold-based setup, you could sustain 85% reflect. If you wanted to be funny, a bracer would take you to 92%. This is probably not as useful to us as the NM Coon, but certainly opens the door to full yolo setups. On a soldier or combined with RRFE on some profs, this may be hilariously OP.
Not much here, but NM coon is already amazing and Shield may be useful.



  • Morphs: Kitty, Wolf, Leet, and Lizard morphs. Morphs scale based on level, so numbers are for 220, and the top FPable nano in the line.
  • Kitty gives 220 damage, 82 AAO with a buff on 18s/120s giving 300 init,125 AAO,150 damage.
  • Puppy gives 550 runspeed, 121 evades, 680 perception, with buff on 14s/120s giving 200 AAO. Does not stack with RI/GSF/Perception
  • L33t gives 550 conceal,550 runspeed,7% crit, with buff on 14s/120s giving 150% crit. Does not stack with Ruse/GSF/RI.
  • Lizard gives 11k AC, 11k HP, 20% scale, 10% aggressiveness , with a spammable 2k taunt. Does not stack with Behe or MA/Eng/Sold/Adv armor buffs.
  • Heals: We can cast up to Light of Life, for 411 hp/s if used continuously. We can also cast Invocation of the Phoenix for a complete heal on a 60 second cooldown, sharing locks with CH and iCH.


  • Top FPable ND buff is +20.
  • iCRT is 75 AAD/3% critdecrease/-3% skill lock. CRT is similar.
  • iTape debuffs base Evade by 6% and doubles skill lock.


  • Single Heals have been rescaled. Lifegiving Elixer is average 2310/heal, with 2s recharge and 4s line lockout, so 577.5 hp/s if used every time it’s up.
  • CH is 2s recharge, 30s line lockout. A&O is 2s recharge, 80s line lockout. Both completely heal.
  • iNR now adds 200 NR instead of 142. iIC now adds 300 nanoinit instead of 85, but has no NR.
  • EP is now a DoT remover with 150s cooldown. No more removing engi blockers hueuheueheueheu :DDD
  • UBT is now 2.5s capped cast, lasts 45s PvP, 90s PvM.
  • Decrepitude is now Tired Limbs, scales on level debuffing 2275 inits and breaking on everything.


  • SL ess no longer has a runspeed debuff, but instead has HealReactivity which is supposed to operate like healefficiency, as well as str/stam buff. If you cancel it while someone is attacking you, your hp goes to 1.
  • Rage has no longer buffs damage shield or runspeed, and has a HealReactivity debuff. However, it has no DoT and lasts for 5 minutes.

Nothing really useful to us. They will, however, be able to clear their pets every 3 mins intead of 5, so be prepared that ubt won’t matter that much.

Their damage buffs are now FPable, and the improved versions are innately usable by Soldier and Agent too. The FPable meeps are now 20mins and 15mins cooldown for team and self, respectively.

Delirium and FoL have lowered def check to 90%, which still seems too high to use with our gimp MA skill. One day :p.


  • CoC is down to 110% NR. NSD is 10s, 20s lock, but -1k so maybe you can cast a little smidgen of something. eNSD is 10s, 85% check, 30s lock, but -3k so you absolutely, positively, won’t be casting anything.
  • Odin’s Eye adds 100 NR and 3 more int/psych. They have a lot of damage-to-pet now, non-FPable.


  • NS is changed; doesn’t root you anymore but debuffs conceal 1k and runspeed ~3k. NS1 is 18s and NS2 is 20s, both with 60s cooldown.
  • Blinds ain’t blind you like they been.

Perhaps most relevant here that shade, sold, keep, and enfo all have a FPable deroot and 15s immunity nano on a 5min cooldown.


  • AT now adds 30 aao.
  • TMS no longer has NSD. During it, you (they) can be casting roots, bullseye, death’s gaze, (OMHH, CH-blocker, deroot).
  • Also, two new fpable nanos, on shared 180s lockout. One heals you by 30%, the other heals you by 45% over 30s.

All the drains and stuff are on line cooldowns so they’ll be running most things on you pretty fast.

In summary:
We should have a much easier time killing people we can perk. However, without exception, everyone is better equipped to tank us, kill us or both. I think our easiest targets will be Agent (by far), Adv and Doc, and in a gank with high AR, we may be able to kill Crat, Keeper, MA, NT, Shade, Trader. However, if any of these don’t die, all of them have the damage to kill us in a fully defensive doctor setup with ease. Engi we may be able to kill with perks, but with the UBT nerf and pet cleanse, it’ll probably be short and violent. Fixer as usual won’t die. Sold should run through us, and Enfo should be no contest.
I don’t think defensive setups will be as viable as before. I suggest a balance of AR and HP to both kill the target and gtfo alive. Nanoskills may become more important, since Death’s Gaze and Bullseye could easily change a fight. Our DoTs are useful now, although UBT and roots are rather nerfed.

Update .22

  • Repressor at QL300 now takes ~200 less psychology.
  • NR, Runspeed, and AAD are all halved on evac nano if Agent is in a FP.
  • Two Left Feet has a line lockdown of 7 minutes.
  • Assassin’s Grin now adds 45 damage.

Update .23
Xan of Angst is now upgraded into Gan’Kar rifle with Low Light Targeting Scope (Weapon Tradeskill Shop)

  • Level lock to 201
  • Rifle from 2251 to 2501
  • AS from 1126 to 1751.
  • Fling from 1126 to 1201
  • Damage from 300-500(308) to 350-580(350)
  • Range from 30m to 35m
  • Atck/Rch from 1.6 to 1.5 => 1.5s faster fling & faster regulars
  • Equip from 3s to 0.5s
  • +200 HP
  • +20 AAO
  • +55 conceal

Update .24

  • Night Killer recharge reduced to 4 minutes.
  • Shadow Bullet recharge reduced to 1 minute.
  • Silent Plague is now 100% AR vs 100% dodge, damage/tick up to 2k.
  • Nano Feast is now 110% AR check, but 2s execute.
  • Bot Conf is now 110% AR vs duck.
  • Silenced Kyr Rifle att/rech increased by 0.1s
  • HloA min damage increased by 100, att/rech decreased by 0.1, and silencer proc increased to 25%.

New FP things:

  • All morphs now cancel on zone.
  • Top lizard isn’t fpable any more.
  • Tree level 2. 100% stun resist and 40 nano/sec.
  • Auras are fpable. Stats given at 220. Tree aura: Healeff 7%, NanoEff 7%, HD 27, each at 220.
  • Kitty aura: +71 damage, 110 AAO.
  • Lizard aura: 1650 AC, 1100 HP, 1% reflect
  • Wolf aura: 440 runspeed, 110 AAD, 440 percept.
  • L33t aura: 110 runspeed, conceal 220, 7% crit.


  • SL calms up to Spec3.
  • -450 init debuffs.


  • Chally and SL ess can run together.
  • SL taunts up to Rancorous Enmity are FPable.
  • Charge isn’t FPable, but stun reduced to 1s.
  • Deroot (sold, shade, keep) only gives 5s rootresist now.


  • Belamorte is FPable
  • Nano Division (-165 nanoresist) is FPable.

Type 1 LE proc:
Crit line (+15/22/30 as before)
Add damage line (+200 for 1 minute)
Root proc (3s)
DoT (75 dmg, 1s tick, 10s duration)

Type 2:
DoT (500 dmg, 1s tick, 10s duration)
Nanoinit (+250 as before)
Antiroot (10%! Purges root, 20% immunity for 15s)
Root proc (6s)
Damage (+15 as before)

Update .4.8

  • Evac nanos end on zoning.
  • Soften checks AAO instead of rifle. Debuff scales on level.
  • Concentration line no longer unsneaks you.
  • RI doesn’t block CH.
  • Gan’Ker critmod from 350 to 500.
  • Repressor scaling at min->max QLs from 600s->263s to 440s->122s.
  • APS, PPS, and Called Shot are now 1, 1, and 2s execute, each on 60 min cycle. APS damage is same, but level-scaling debuff, FTF is 30% greater, and Called Shot is halved but with same DoT.
  • TLF is now a 20s duration, 3 min debuff applying -100% critdecrease and level-scaling -2200 runspeed snare at 220.
  • ES/FG last 4 hours.
  • Waves proc line is 2s cast, 1s recharge.

New FP things:

  • TMS gives 10% root/snare resist.
  • RI doesn’t affect CH.
  • Adv single heal Light of Life cooldown from 4.2s to 4.0s, and recharge from 4.2s to 3.0s.
  • Four Fists of Kali gives 160 MA, 150 Dimach, 60 SO, and 30 FastAtt.
  • SL ess doesn’t end on zone. Instead, it is removed when FP enfo ends.
  • Top FPable ess gives 12k hp. Top FPable rage gives 200 runspeed.
  • Aegis of Metal from 14% to 20% base NR: ~70 buff.
  • Freedom of the Wanderer, Predator nanos, Reduce Inertia, Aegis of Metal, Prod Str, iCRT, iNR, and iCR are 4 hour buffs.

Update .8.5

  • Concentration line AAO buffs rescaled to 15/30/50 from 30/75/150.
  • SB and SS1 execute times to 1.0s from 0.5s.
  • Soften Up execute time to 2.0s from 1.0s.
  • Perk def checks changed:[list]
  • Assassin: Tranq/CS/■■■ to 95%/105%/100% from 90%/90%/90%
  • Black Ops: SU/PPS/DS to 95%/105%/110% from 50%/90%/90%
  • Shadowsneak: Fade/SB/NK to 100%/110%/105% from 85%/10%/90%
  • Sharpshooter: SS1/SS2 to 100%/100% from 90%/90%
  • Shadow Bullet damage nerfed on average for the Max (Min) skill templates by 904 (24).