Thought about professions rebalance

For start lets talk about overall TL7 pvp.
A.Biggest problem in tl7 pvp is FOUNTAIN OF LIFE( Description The target is completely healed of all damage) with a 3 minutes CD.Basicly any profession can have his own Complete heal buff.
So my proposal it simple REMOVE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE from game. It can be reworked into something else like:
1.Add just 10K heal/nano with 10minutes CD.
2.Adds a permanent hot on owner when full set is equiped.Lets say around 500 heal/nano every 10sec.
3.Adds a 15K heal/nano HOT over 15sec, 1K heal/nano every 1sec.
4.Discuss for another options of Fountain of life.

B.Professions balance:
Agent is 1st problem nowdays.
Mimic drawback are unimportant.
Some nano’s shouldn’t be castable in mimic profession:
FEAR from enforcer/ma/crat.
RELEASE ME NOW from soldier/enforcer/keep/shade.
INSTANT GRID nano’s from fixer. Thats fixer unique ability.
NANO DRAINS from traders(i’m talking about RK ones).

Also nano’s should have a level lock like:
AGENT ESCAPE NANOS should be levle locked.
STEADY NERVES should be level locked 150+.
RUSE OF TAREN should be level locked.
CONCENTRATION LINE should be level locked.
CRITICAL CHANCE LINE should be level locked.
Right now, level 40+ agent can cast +180rifle/260 Aimed shot and +300add dmg/200crit chance in FP trader.Not to mention escape nanos or other.

Trader is second problem nowdays
Trader is a support profession.
A suport profession shouldn’t be able to gain best AR ingame/almost top crit chance when it’s drained up.
Trader toolset is too large compared to other professions.So here’s some ideas:
SUBPRIME VITALITY MORTGAGE should be removed from traders nano’s.That was copied from soldier heal Adrenaline rush nano.
REMOVE critical chance/decreas from AAO/AAD drains.Or reduce it to max 22 instead of 30.
REMOVE STUN PERK from traders line.That was copied from agent Concussive shot perk.
REMOVE BORROW REFLECT.That was copied from engineer Null space distruptor.
GRAND THIEF HUMIDITY should be 2 minutes CD.
Double nanocost on skills/aad/aao drains.Curently top trader drains cost 600 nano. For exemple crat Malaise of Zeal cost 1500 nano. Not to mention other debuffs.
Raise cooldown on RK/SL nano drains to 15sec.
And most important FIX NANOBOT DEFENCE.Curently is not working as intended.Shield stays active and absorb 70% damage even with 1 point nano.So basicly u can soak 5000damage or whatevah perk/special with 1 point in nano.
Regarding lower levels:
Drains should have level lock, or rework them.From lvl 55+ trader can cast nanites, wich is a signifiant boost in pvp and pvm.My proposal is to add some level locks based on level.Or rework overall and make drains based on ur curent level.So for exemple…level 100 trader can drain max 100 skills with deprive,max 100 skills with ransack,max 100aao and max 100aad. This could go up to 220.

Soldier’s , Fixer’s , Crat’s and Adventurer’s are far behind! But i’ll continue next time with this.

C. Ok i will continue with proffesions which needs abit of bump.
I will start with FIXER.
Rework fixer Shadowweb spinner, add action on it.Action should be HALF EFFECTIVE then what i posted at A section.Im sure fixers wont feel loss of awaken armor anymore, and curent fountain of life.
Rework FIREWALLED SYNC. COMPRESSOR it should add atleast 315 NR like shadowweb, not 50.
Rework WAKE UP CALL.Should remove FEAR/UBT/TRADER DRAINs except AAO/AAD ones. 1 minute CD.
Rework EXPERIENCED SURVIVAL.Keep FEAR rezist,but also add 25% rezist to DOTs,UBT,TRADER SKILLS DRAINS.
Fix SMG Perks! Curently SMG perks does damage listed + add all damage.
For exemple Fixer/soldier SOLID SLUG (Damage for 835 to 3235) does around 1.2-1.5k damage in pvp, 3-4.5k damage in pvm.
Agent perk SHADOW BULLET (Damage for 1339 to 2678) does around 4k dmg in pvp,5-9k damage in pvm.
Fixer/soldier NEUTRONIUM SLUG (Damage for 3271) does around 2k damage in pvp, 5k in pvm.
Agent perk CONCUSSIVE SHOT (Damage for 1126 to 2251) does around 4k dmg in pvp,5-9k damage in pvm.

FULL AUTO attack ratting formula needs improvement.
My simple proposal (WEAPON SKILL+FULL AUTO SKILL*1.1) / 2 + AAO.

I disagree with your arguments about traders needing nerfs just because they are a “support class” as if support is supposed to mean weakness. Traders can reach high AR but other professions make better use of AR. level locking drains would make present trader builds impossible to replicate. Sure they are annoying to fight when you get drained but don’t act like trader is any more of a meta mainstay for low-levels than it was 10-15 years ago. If anything traders have fallen from popularity, given the hordes of enfos and keepers entering the scene to abuse unbalanced charge and clarion call nanos, both of which have 40m range and can be used when cc’d. enfo charge doesnt even cost nanoskills so you can perk NR and still use it.

some nanos should probably be restricted to balance FP agent in pvp as you mentioned (release me, instant grid, class fear nanos), but slayerdroid transference? four fists of kali? I see your agenda. You just want to remove a fun build from the game. What happened, you got killed by a froob MA agent in battlestations?


Read what i posted again. Trader toolset is huge.No other profession got:
Shield to reduce dmg by 70%.Curently is not working as intended.But ill move this to bug report section.
In the same time heal for 40% hp.
In the same time self normal heals for 1.5k every 3sec.
In the same time HOTs for 15k HP and nano(Your Enemy’s Enemy is your Friend) is better then the Bio Regrowth perk.And ill remind u need 10SL perks to achive Bio Regrowth.For traders is just another nano.
In the same time Nano drains(Grand Theft Humidity) to 0.
In the same time 700 skills drains, which at low levels are game changer.Top drains require 600 nano,I cant name another top debuff nano which require only 600 nano.
In the same time reflect drains.(3 professions ingame own reflect sol/engi and NT) Trader too…with 1 nano.
In the same time AAD/AAO and CRIT drains.Overall is +600 AAO and +60 crit chance.What other profession got that? Or even close.
In the same time best evade/dodge/duck buff ingame. +210.Everyone else got +160 or so.
In the same time 3sec 100% stun perk.Ranged profession, just soldier/fixer got 2 sec stun perk and Agent 3 sec stun perk.
Not to mention other tools which are fine, AOE roots/normal roots,Sacrifice.

Prolly after this u will have a better picture if you didnt yet. @hungrygamer. Clearly u have no ideea what are u talking there.I wonder, do u actully play this game?
Tomorrow ill continue with replying is late now.

go ahead and list everything unique about trader and call it op, no amount of bold lettering will sway me. What are you suggesting anyways? Nerf trader from existence? It’s been said before by past game devs professions are not balanced for 1v1. if you nerfed trader across the board like you suggested you would effectively just remove it from the game. Why not make traders use symbiants and just be the next gimpy early-game shade profession while we are at it…

like OMG doctor can use THE BEST DOTS, the BEST HEALS, the BEST INIT DEBUFF UBT and heals at THE SAME TIME they have HUGE HEALTH BUFFS despite being a weakass SUPPORT PROFESSION! Nerf them! remove Dots and UBT! Remove CH! noobs everywhere

Agent/traders tool set is extraordinary, it needs to be reduced/nerfed somehow.
That was initial purpose of this post.
Your are trying to stand a point for TRADER’s with no actual argument’s.
I actully posted some argument’s.

Four fist of kali is top MA buff(220s MA use it, theres nothing better), no other profession should be able to cast it.Ontop of that Four fist of kali adds 150 DIMACH, which is MA main special attack.For agents that +60 sharp object buff combined with other sharp obj buffs,makes agent’s land Tear of Oedipus on fixer’s even.
Slayerdroid transference combined with Ruse taren 4, makes agent so small, you wont even be able to click them.I remember in 2013 or so, all shrinking bracers were removed from game by the same reason.To make people viewable/clickable.
I used all those nano’s on my own, and it grants you huge advantage.

I will continue today with soldier/adv/crat problems, but before @hungrygamer i wonder what do u think about traders beeing able to drain SHARP OBJECTs?
Is it ok/not ok?

So much lols in these posts scrummy…you abuse agent mechanics more than anyone in game with buffing like 5-6 FPS in BS before you do anything. You get an A for effort though!

Keep it simple m8 and maybe then FC will make some small changes. Full class rebalance is never gonna happen.

-Remove beast CH completely
-remove nsd, fear, and escape from agents (escape is debatable if they don’t have double CH)
-reduce nsd to -30% and engi only
-remove in combat warps
-remove team meep

Those few things would drastically balance PvP. Agents and NTs would be glass cannons with no CH and/or double Ch and all title levels war would be balanced greatly with removing team warp and team meep during combat. Traders and engis with no ch are extremely manageable. No need to buff other classes, agent and NT are really the main problem and beast armor Ch. And to be fair agent is not really that big of a threat in war/mass since they are pretty squishy if focused properly. Its duels/city PvP when ganking/kiting/zoning mechanics come into effect that agents are just way way too strong.

Thanks @rSs-scrumm for your input. These threads will always move us forward a little. I think there will always be a profession to nerf at all times, no matter what rebalance you get. As someone said in a different thread before, it is better to have a squishy Agent, NT or Trader on top of the chain than unkillable evader… I stick to a version to remove Fountain of Life and see where we need the next rebalance after we play the game without it for a bit!

Simply these nerf-able professions will drop down right after the ACH is removed. We all know it.


i agree with complete remove awak CH without reworking. escape nanos are ok in mi opinion like Tid said. for fear/drain/nsd i dont know if remove or raise NR def chack if its only visual prof. but cant said couse i dont use those features on mi agent.

about meep in combat it should be definetly removed. warps i dont know if remowe or reworked becouse in war is normal to warp back those who died.

i also agree with Tid that agents doesnt have big value in tower fights they are great only in BS or city for gank and run but thats all

about trader there have to be fixed their shield to working same as NT shield. rest i dont know i have never figured how to play trader :slight_smile:

for fixers its true that their dmg perks are weak and slow. but main problem for fixer is when they meet NT its 5sec fight.

i believe that it would be preety nice and fun if fix could be able not remove 3 buffs under 40 NCU but transfer to self for example 2 buffs under 40 NCU and 3 randon buffs from target for some amout of time.
also he should be able to hack fighting target weapons and reduce dmg or dissalow some specials for some amout of time. fixer is hacker so why he doesnt hacking

its ok, in fact it would be underpowered if it didnt

my suggestion for awakened CH fix: make fountain of life only usable in land-control areas (like it would require a notum field to draw its power, according to “lore”)

this fixes ACH for 1v1 but allows use of the defensive active in group-pvp. Something should also be done about SWS impeding use of the set.

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Good to see other opinions.
Regarding WARPs, it say it should get back to normal, like it was in pre 2015, and is perfect.
Pre 2015 you couldnt warp people in TOWERs gas.
Regarding Fountain of life…if it gets totaly remove, i doubt people will actully use full set of awaken.
U get better options in gloves/chest/helmet/pants/boots (depends on profession).

Yeah only certain pieces would get used but it still needs to be removed completely to make all things better. I didn’t PvP much back when warps were that way scrum but I agree that would definitely help for wars so people don’t just get spammed warped over and over in wars. Fixers still can be super effective in current meta but like mini said nts and mass AS spam just counter fixers in every way so not sure a way to help them. Fixers may be the only class that could warrant an actual buff even if CH was removed…

give crats nuke blockers :+1:

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As an alternative to deleting the Awakened complete heal, what about restricting it so that it can not be cast if you are PvP flagged? It seems a pity to sacrifice PvM for the sake of PvP. Additionally, I personally believe that it fundamentally damages the game to take away the reward for a complete set of Awakened armor. Players have invested enormous amounts of time, effort, and in some cases resources into completing this set. It damages the confidence of the player base when sweeping nerfs are used to address narrow problems, because it shows that it is unsafe to invest effort or care into the game because what you achieve is at risk for being arbitrarily taken away.

Yeah you could most definitely do that Justin! It would address the PvP issues and still reward pvm players. Not sure how feasable that is coding wise to put special tags on the CH for pvm only situations but I have no coding experience whatsoever.

I don’t believe it should be particularly difficult, because there are a number of things already in game that check if you have PvP Active running in your NCU (team warp for instance).

Going to have to hard disagree with you on most of these points. Agents are great in PVP but nerfing them as hard as you’re proposing is going to make them drastically weaker in PVE where they are average at best.

It seems like the majority of your complaints is with extreme twink mechanics, and I have zero issues with level limits on certain things but pushing for removing drains, grid warps, and a few inconsequential buffs? It seems like you’re stretching a bit too hard here.

As it is right now Agents are very much a glass cannon in most PVP scenarios. Additionally, once most classes get their skills up they can easily fire off alphas using Full Auto / Aimed Shot that are just as nasty if not worse than an agent.

Also 90% of the issues that you shared about traders takes away their primary class identity and is honestly way too harsh on them. They’re a great class to play but they’re not that much more ridiculous than some of the other pvp top professions.

Fixer, Soldier, Doc, Engineer… a lot of professions have the potential to be great at what they do in PVP. It sounds like you’re just pushing for excessive nerfs in the name of “balance”.

While I understand your want to try and balance some things out, such massive sweeping changes is just going to swing things in the other direction putting us in a worse place than we are now.

Fountain of Life should just be removed, I don’t think a reward for wearing the full set is relevant, people wear parts of different armor sets all the way to 220 and all this buff does is reduce choice in the game and just encourages EVERY profession to wear the exact same thing.

I believe every profession (and individual preferably) should have their own end game goals, not just copy and paste across the board.

At best, the only adjustment balance changes Agents you could argue for is to add a damage debuff to their escape nano line, currently it is used as a defense cool down and not an escape at all.

Bureaucrats already have an overloaded tool set, it would be much more thematically appropriate and effective to add a nuke blocker aura to the Meta-Physicist profession.