Thought about professions rebalance

yeah its more of a joke, although nt vs crat is extremely onesided!

lol gloomfall this is a PvP thread m8 which apparently you don’t do if you think agents don’t need a nerf. Not sure how beast ch would nerf agent in pvm there still like top of DD. Plain and simple beast ch needs to be removed, if your a serious PvPer in this game you will agree. Yes there is plenty of other balance fixes needed but let’s hope FC can at least change/remove the beast ch for a good starting point.

and blockers and nuke to MP…arguably the best 1v1er in the game right now if played proper is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. This homie obviously don’t have any MP experience. Ask Scrum he can easily attest to MPs OPness

“lol gloomfall this is a PvP thread m8”

Meanwhile, the OP suggested things such as removing drains and a ton of other options from Agent’s toolkit. They also suggested placing level locks on a large number of agent nanos including Steady Nerves, Ruse of Taran, and Concentration. How you think that won’t affect PvE confuses me more than any other opinion on this thread.

Right Tidus knows, MPs are curently GOOD id say. MPs are OP in duels, only good shades can actully kill MPs in duels. In mass pvp MPs are DECENT due to debuffs and AS.Good MPs will take 20% dmg from NT, so nuke blocker will make MPs overpowered.
Curently MP, NT, DOC, MA(zazen MA), ENGI is the most balanced profession atm regarding buffs/procs/perks. My opinion!

Level lock on some agent/trader buffs will fix alot on unbalanced things.Thats a real good solution.

Anarchy Online is not and has never been balanced 1v1, it has always had a very strong rock, paper, scissors balance going on.

The MP strength vs NT is intended behavior and the NT should fundamentally be on the losing side of that engagement, in the exact same manner that a Fixer for example will need to run or die vs NT. There are many examples of that in AO.

A single nano blocking aura isn’t going to change anything significant in a PvP setting. It will instead just result in old school tactics like using a microphone to eat through engineer blockers, just throw out a fast nuke and continue your normal rotation until you see the blocker come up again presumably.

It may be useful in a PvM setting though.

In other news it appears MP (shields specifically) is getting nerfed so not everyone agrees your opinion, which frankly considering what you were looking at is a relief.

Scrum the fact that you think NT is balanced is way way beyond my understanding but we know logic isn’t your thing. Remove CH in PvP and majority of this back and forth arguing will go away. Some classes will take a well needed nerf, like trader/eng/agent/nt with no Ch and other classes will be a little closer to competing. Of course this game will never be perfectly balanced around 1v1 but CH just straight up ruined TL7 PvP for the most part.


I think NT is where it should be right now. Glass cannon dmg, good surviveability and imobile, low surviveability when moving.For NTs is either kill, either die.Normaly NTs got theyr own special (GARUK) which does 30% dmg, like 80% of other profession ingame(just consider it AIMED SHOT), and 2.5-4k dmg every 2.5sec from nukes and abit of dmg from perks(decent dmg perks, around 10k).
I think theyr actully balanced now.
Prolly u consider GARUK is OP, @Tidusky, but remember…versus AS u could get blockers, but versus GARUK…u have better option, is called NR8. I mean, u have an option ingame to ignore NTs.

NTs balanced…lol. The fact that you say nr8 counters NTs disproves they are balanced. You should not have to perk reset just for one class but if that’s what you call balance then I’m not sure why you think agent needs nerf. Probably should give agents ns2 just to be safe

agents can use NS2 :slight_smile: but its not that simple as it looks nerf one nerf second and done. when we nerf one class second class will start to be OP. i strongly believe that removing beast CH will fix 80% ishues in balance
rest 20% will be forgoten ADV Crat and fix

foe example agent without 2 CH cant outheal NTs dmg during NS2 also cant outheal soldier DMG during AMS
NT without CH won be able to use 2x NSII during fight 1v1
same for MP, Keep, traders, etc…

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Mini speak some truth to your fellow clammers because you understand the position we are in…I completely agree with you and was obviously trolling with the NS2 for agents.

But, agent isnt supossed to tank a NT/soldier face to face,thats not main purpose of an agent.Agent is ganker, just gank&run. If u can catch him, he should die.
Mp can tank a soldier/NT face to face, but hes defensive/debuff profession.(is normal)
Keep also can tank any of them, defensive/support profession.(is normal)
Trader can also can tank any of them, defensive/debuff profession.(is normal) But theres something wrong here.Problem here is, beside tanking as trader u can also do huge ammount of damage.

D. Today i will post soldier weakness, and what should be improved.
Soldier is supossed to be master of heavy WEAPONS.
Anger of the xan needs further update.
So i propose something like that 375-625(425) with fling,burst,full auto.And modifiers 75AAO // 30MC // 30TS // 750 hp.
Regarding nanos:
Total focus should be soldier only, and ontop ranged weapons skills, should add RANGED SPECIALS too.
Specials boost should be added on Improved total focus too.
Burst buff line should be continue (from The Power of Three) up to +180 burst and +60 add dmg self buff and level locked.Keep Riot control 110 burst castable on others.
Full auto line should buff add dmg too, curently adds 25 which is a joke. Should be atleast +120 add all damage, and scaled down to lower lvls.
Automatic targetting should be 74AAO,castable on others.Full auto targetting should be 120 AAO and SELF ONLY.
Soldiers should have a nano or perk action or item which changes damage type to (projectile or energy or radiation, should be just 1 from listed dmg types.I think projectile is most suitable for soldier)
Enforcers have Damage Change Buffs line.

Regarding perks:
Top procs needs some boost. Top procs should add 100AAO and 130 Add dmg.
Target Acquired curently adds +50 AAO, useable from TL5.
Furious Ammunition adds +99 add all damage.
Contained burst (perk) should be 100%burst vs 75% dodge.Casttime should be 1 sec.Soldier doesnt have alot of burst support, R arm artillery doesnt add burst, so is pretty hard to land Contained burst on targets.
Ranged energy line perks should have checks as 100% Attack ratting vs 115%dodge range or 100% RE vs 80% dodge range,like SMG/Pistol lines.Curenlty is 100% RE vs 100%dodge.
Napalm sprayer should debuff all ACs with -8k,not just fire.Yeah ik…napalm.But curently is useless with just fire debuff.

And like fixer problem,
FULL AUTO attack ratting formula needs improvement.
My simple proposal (WEAPON SKILL+FULL AUTO SKILL*1.1) / 2 + AAO.

lol this whole thread is a mess, you guys have no understanding of the game and it really shows

Scrumm: “OMG Guyz, Agent is supposed to be ganker not tanker.”

Also Scrumm: “Ugh, Agent does far too much damage. They need serious nerf.”

this is the biggest joke i have read in a while lul, anyways biggest problems with nt / agents as of right now:

QUICK DISCLAIMER: My opinions are based around mass pvp, duels deserve their own thread.

:::::::::::::::Nano Technician Discussion:::::::::::::::
1) Consistent and reliable damage output vs ANY profession, most professions have their “alpha” moments, then they go back on doing regular damage, while NT’s have very good chunk damage (that you can’t counter), and then after their perks go on cooldown they just keep pumping out high damage all the time vs everyone.
2) What is the point of NR in general if they can make it useless by clicking 1-2 times on CB? Right now the only point of NR vs NT’s is hoping that CB misses 1-2 times before making it useless again. They don’t even have to CB most professions because their nukes / perks will land most likely anyways
3) They aren’t that “glass cannony” in fact they are very tanky, things like nullity sphere / nanobot aegis and awak ch make them survive for a very long time, if you die in offensive focus or in general, it’s because you position yourself horribly or you are just getting focused and are reacting slowly.
4) Brain dead builds. Stick on full awakened and call it a day, they don’t really “lose” that much damage for using full awakened, mostly because their MC / perk checks are still perfectly fine versus anyone. Squishy high MC / damage focused NT’s aren’t really an option anymore because of the previous mentioned easiness of landing stuff.

Some potential fixes:
1) CB stacking from multiple NT’s is a pure joke, make CB stack 6 times instead of 3, make NR check for CB higher, each stack lowering NR by 500 - so it takes them more time to ramp up damage, which would make much more sense with how tanky they are. It would make NR builds viable.
2) There is no real counter to getting garuk / nuke spammed by multiple NT’s other than NR 8 which isn’t really a “counter”, 1) suggestion should fix that so you can build around it with NR

:::::::::::::::Agent Discussion:::::::::::::::
Main problem with agent as of right now is that they have a versatile toolkit that they can use to counter almost any profession. That combined with high alpha damage and guaranteed stun makes professions below 25k hp just insta die to them if the agent knows how to alpha properly. Stacking false profession buffs in battle station is also a complete joke. Not sure if Funcom wanted to have agents land perks on everyone but that made their builds very brain dead aka stick on full ch gear once again and call it a day.

Potential nerfs:
1) NSD not fpable
2) Any fear not fpable
3) Fixer meeping not fpable
3) Nerf on perk checks

Agents are supposed to be high gank potential professions after all, but a another problem with agents is after they fail a gank, they still have a very high chance of getting out “alive” with awakened ch etc.

Both professions seem to have fallen into the “brain dead builds” realm that don’t have true “counters”. I think being able to build around both professions would make the game much more interesting in general. I will not go much into awakened CH right now, as that would involve having to talk about every profession boost / nerf (for an example just imagine crats without ch potential). But definitely in mass pvp everyone being meatshieldy with their full awakened gear and having their own little CH makes the game very dull and boring and rewards the “number” game more than it should reward the “skill” game.

Why are u actully posting here? @Gloomfall , u got no clue about what we are talking here. Go post somewhere else,pls.This is grown up talks.

If anything I think the bigger concern is having a second CH in PVP scenarios. That’s compounding the issue more than it should. I wouldn’t really bat much of an eye at Agents in FP Doc that use CH and have a 30s cooldown.

Taking away NSD from Agents though takes a pretty versatile part of their PVE toolkit away too. Same thing can be said about Fixer Meeps. Rather not hit PVE for Agent where possible.

How about you worry about yourself Scrumm and stop trying to police the forums. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about either and are just salty about Agents in PVP.