Any chance to nerf Agents?

Agents are way too overpowered, before rebalance they were the only profession that could kill any other proffession with some effort like weapons swaps and proper FP combo, after rebalance with dmg and crit increase complete healing from 10k to full, 2nd ch from awakened beast armor set, low def perk check and many other improvements they stand supreme to any other profession in game with minimum to 0 effort. There isn’t any other profesion that can defeat agent in duel, in open pvp it’s even worse they can insta kill most of the professions and can tank 2, 3 or 4 other 220 endgame pvp setups professions.When i find out that FunCom stoped developement for Ananrchy, i rolled agents 170 and 220 with hope to find a way to defeat agent profession, but i was dissapointed to find out there aren’t many ways, in fact then i discovered how easy and fast it is for and Agent to kill any other profession, even easier than in a First Person Shooter game ( in a FPS you have to aim for a Head Shoot ), in an mmorpg like AO with an Agent you just have to tab or select the target and use the keybind wich is usually one or two buttons (Absolute Concentration, AS, FS, Concussive Shot target stunned for 3s, another 2 or 3 fast triggering dmg perks, maybe 1 crit or normal hit and alpha goes highter than 100% while target is stunned and cannot do anything in most cases, even if they survive that more dmg perks otw and AS FS recharges, snare perks and many other toolsets and fighting tactics that leaves other target with hp less than 30k, 0 to couple seconds to react) way too easy as Agent to pvp, usualy in Battle Station just standing in sneak and ganking from distance while watching TV, dont even have to watch how target dies i just know that ganking bind works 100%. It’s getting booring and it’s sad that AO pvp it’s locked to Agents only due to their power, nowdays it’s not worth to pvp with any other profession than Agent sience they are 2-3 profession in one.I would like to pvp with other professions but sience you got no chance against agents it’s kinda frustrating.Here are some after rebalance youtube examples on how agents are in pvp, and Agents can do even more than that nowdays:

Been the case since 2009 and they just made it worse with the awakened beast, perk changes and Lifegiving elixir buff.

Game is on maintenance mode and you shouldn’t expect any major class changes.

There’s so many other broken things about them also, like snare perks that cannot be removed and also their perks rivalling shade perk damage (routinely hit for over 5k before reflect)

You CAN kill one though, just need the alpha to do so and also them being bad and attempting to fight you while you setup your combo. For ex AR soldiers can quite reliably kill an agent but any agent who isn’t braindead will just kite until AMS is out.

A keeper that’s double damage perked also has a decent chance with purify and clarion call stuns in the middle of a perk alpha

Martial artists can also buttrape an agent pretty bad but the combo has to be clean

Can kill those professions easy in fp engi+sol and ch from beast armor, with the damage that agent can output in short time over 80k in less than a minute if can perk not giving others the chance to alpha, and they can cancel some other alphas with CS perk

Oh yeah i remember i changed 2 perks from my gank keybind due to attack time increase with 1 AI dmg perk and 1 SL perk, now works the same wich is 3s, healling eff does count on lifegiving elixir now goes to 3k+ every 4s depends on setup thats almost advy heal, the problem is even if you have alpha for an agent it doesnt give you enough time to execute it you have to either use Bio Cocoon or any other def perks, to heal yourself.Due to the amount of dmg they can output in such sort time almost impossible to tank for most of the other professions.

Just agent has access to almost all of them and Hekthor wants people to think he’s good at the game still :joy::joy::joy:

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Not suggesting any balance tips, that require alot of testing.Just got bored of playing only agent and defeating any other profession with minimum effort in duel or any other open pvp, while there isnt any other profession that can defeat agent regardless what they do.Just saying that other professions dont stand a chance against Agent starting from lvl 170 maybe even less not sure to 220.

So that’s why you sent me a waterfall of salty messages after I killed you (with a keeper no less) and said you were putting me in a video?

Presumably to show other people how “good” you are

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Guys pls dont go personal on this topic this not about some certain players, everyone doing their best with what they can and that’s normal and healthy. I only wanted to point out an issue that agent profession is way too superior to all other professions gradually.How do we got like this it doesn’t matter but i find myself asking: How is this mockery allowed to continue, really none aware of this ? That happens everytime i fight as agent or against agent with different profession. I just want to bring awarenes that right now agent got the power to win every single time against any other profession on 1 vs 1 situations.In open pvp such as Battle Station and so on, without team support and self buffed no matter how hard you try and what you do you cant win vs agent with a different profession in almost all cases, it can be frustrating. Battle Station is like in a lockdown phase for most of the other professions, i got agent and all 13 remaining professions but i find it hard to pvp for pleasure with any other than agent knowing from experience that i got such slim chances vs agent.I don’t find it normal just one profession to rule them all so easy, i guess i’ll continue to reject duels vs agents, only do Battle Station for pleasure on agent, and retire rest of the professions for pvm i guess this is how the game is in the Agent Era.

the fact u died to a keeper with no AS swap is lulworthy in itself, how do u even let that happen

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it’s been agent online since 2009, only way to counter is to bring shades with blockers XD