220 Doctor in PVP

I have made a few duels with my doc now an the result is, that the doc should be able to win a single duel when played against good enemies, not because they are good, but because the dmg / debuffs are to short in its duration to weak in their effect or to less dmg. Malpractice has been the tool to counter heals and so on. Now it is a nuke which deals amazing dmg in pvm ( i really spam that and love the dmg ) but in pvp so much is countered, and when you got the enemy to the point of critical hp he beast ch himself, which you cant really counter. By getting him low you usually and up bei loosing 85% of your nanopool. Getting drained by drones sister merciles makes you really instaloose. It doesnt feel good to play doc but i really like it.
If the arguement was that doc should only be good in masspvp then i can understand it but else its not really good. add to malp maybe a debuff or give doc better checks on the dots and allow the big pvp dot to use with troaler / pehwer. Give doc more pistol so they can perk better maybe or update the LE procs again.

Does it even make sense to note those things or is no dev reading anything and letting everthing pass by?
I would like some kind of feedback and some more transpirancy about what is coming next not only those event stuff. Like if you would like to try things out on testlife lemme know and i can do it for you