220 pvp doc looking for advice

Making a 220 doctor and trying to make it as efficient as possible. I posted a few days ago about trying to negate GTH and found out how to deal with it. Im looking at those who play doctor competitively. Setups? Typical issues when pvping? Swappable gear? Perk options? Just looking from solid opinions from the community

for pvp on a doctor, you want to build as defensive as possible, with high healdelta, nanodelta, evades, and max hp, for sustained casting and to stay alive as long as possible. In any 1v1 you will win by outlasting your opponent. In any group situation you will likely be a high priority target. For weapons, anything with Aimedshot will do, even the ithaca shotgun can do good damage for you.

Do you know if you can use the doctor blaze nano with the lust upgrades?

Nope, you can look at the nano and requirements here: https://aoitems.com/item/267620/dr-blazes-mutagenic-compound/

It only works with at least 1 Doctor pistol and Lust of the Xan.

The question is do you want to make solo pvp or mass pvp… For solo pvp you gotta go for a dmg setup else you wont kill anything cause there is too much healing currently. For mass pvp you go full survival build as mentioned above.
To each szenarios there are different build just think a bit about what you want to accomplish and where you want to be good at against which classes. Then go for it.

Note: You wont be able to cover all weaknesses at once