Doctor PVM endgame


With so many updates since I left,now ,what is best choice for Doc 220.
Raid,solo nothing special and dual with friend.

Nanomage for -55 nano cost and nano pool?
Soli all around
Trox hp only

Thank you


Personally I’d go with Omni Nanomage, using a setup like the following: PvM Doctor Setup.

Note that I’ve included my perks, some common swaps I might use, and a little info about IP expenditure. For Nanomage I value the -55% Nano Cost, extra nano skills, and extra nano pool. In PvM I prioritize 1) healing efficiency 2) DoTing/nuking/debuffing ability 3) max HP 4) DPM 5) evades. Nanomage makes chaining DoTs/spamming Malpractice more bearable. And I prefer Omni over Clan (but Neutral works too), because I like AAO, inits, nano skills, nano delta more than I like AAD, evades, and heal delta (the -% nano cost won’t help).


Thank you,checking now


Nano init have cap?


No, and more is better. More gets you closer to instacasting DoTs at full def, but still won’t be able to. And more will help when swapping Sluggish Notum Lens.





Well to be honest nm is a good choice its about what do you want to accomplish.

Mine is fex on a pvp build atm. But even with full hp gear i cant tank the boss in POH while a trox might be able to do that, when your tank dies. years ago they said the docs dmg is its team. Sure you can dish out lots of dd and there is nanomage the best for sure. But if it is about safetyness trox should be the best cause of its hp.


I see…