(Doctor) SLOOB Armour/equipment

Doctor is currently 208 and moving up. What kind of amour should I be looking at, is JOBE Tier best for SLOOBS? What of weapons for a MA doc?

Thanks for any help.

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I’d say stick with whatever you’ve got atm and once you’re 216 get the DB armor, definitely the chest piece, the leg armor, the gloves and the sleeves. Oh, and get the boots as well. So get pretty much the whole set.
Although you can slap on some enhanced kegern’s/jathos’ in the meantime if you can get your hands one. If you struggle with nano cost, you may consider using good old azure chest, but I probably wouldn’t bother with that because the DB chest is easier to get and it’s better overall.
For head I’d go with GPH, although that might be difficult to obtain as well, depending on what side you’re on. For back I’d use either healer cloak or ERBP for extra dmg and HP. For wrists I’d use DB bracers, this and this.
For shoulders get Alaappa shoulderpads, this one.
Once you start hitting beast raids you can start farming beast armor that can be turned into awakened beast armor in here. Although for your MA build I’d probably just use the pads, maybe the BoC and maybe the chest (although I’d say the combat DB chest piece is better for dmg). If your nano cost is fine (remember that you can get -% nano cost down to -50% for sol and opi, -45% for trox and -55% for nm and not more, so getting your nano cost lower than that is pretty much useless, specially in PVM), then the helmet is also pretty awesome instead of using the GPH.

As for the weapons, ugh, that’s a tough choice, maybe Lord of Wisdom+Lady of Wisdom, but it’s got pretty terrible attack/recharge speeds and kinda high requirements for a SL-only doc. Any ideas anyone?
Maybe consider switching to 1he for gelids, heavy weapons for MBC or rifle for JAME?. These are pretty decent in terms of a dmg for a sloob doc and easy to equip. The setup would have to be slightly different though as you would obviously need to focus on different set of skills and you wouldn’t need as much crit chance.

Also check this thread.

EDIT: I’ve just realised there is also a better DB armor set called Dustbrigade Operative. I mean the chest piece is especially good. It’s obtainable by completing Dust it Off mission.


Wow, thanks you for the great suggestions! I may switch weapons I just figured MA was easiest.

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For a 220 doc, I’d say the best and only way to gear weapon-wise is pistols.
Armors is abit different, but enhanced jathos is the “best” setup, because your damage will be really “meh”, no matter how you build.
And in my opinion DB armors are ok, but only really for damage.

Once you get full alphas on, using right hand of hope, and left hand of grace is really, really powerful!

There is no discussion to be had about MA docs or MBC docs when you see how they preform compared to pistols.

Probably true for full expansion docs, but I believe the OP’s question related to the limited SL only accounts.

Unfortunately, SLOOB only, no right hand of hope or left hand of grace for me. What are Alphas?


Symbiants which require the Legacy of Xan Extension.