[MA] 2 second HD at lvl 200

Hello folks.
I’m currently working on making a lvl 200 MA twink (primarily for PVM) and want to get his heal delta to a 2s tick. Getting enough stam will require some sacrifices so I figured I’d get some input on the best way to reach that heal delta. One thing to keep in mind is I like to do things self buffed (just in case I can’t find/cba to get buffs). So behe, IC and gauntlet are not included in my calculations. If you think that is a mistake and I should just stick to OSBS to reach that 2s tick, feel free to say so!

Currently, with all stam research done and effective chest/waist and persisting thigh, I would have 680 stam
Things I’m thinking aren’t a problem to include are:
TNH red belt +50
pure novi ring +8
DB bracer +12
= 753 stam

Other items I have under consideration are:
figurine +5
adrenaline fact +12
abilities NCU’s +4 each
enhanced jathos chest +5
lamnidae gloves+6
OFAB back +15
OFAB shoulders +10 each
pen ofab chest +20
spec ofab head +25
cosmic guide +11

Some of those items go in the same slot, I know. That’s because I’m not sure what to put there yet. Obviously if I put all of them I’l be way over the 810 req.
Thank you for your thoughts in advance!

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Instead of the novictum ring you could consider Rings of Endurance.

Miy’s Tank Armor Boots and Miy’s Tank Body Armor can also be useful.

And of course Frederickson Micro-kinetic Sleeves if you’re Omni or De-Hacked Frederickson Micro-kinetic Sleeves otherwise.

The Dantian Belt of Life is probably not worth it, but is interesting to mention anyway :wink:

The stamina figurines aren’t in game.

Thanks for the response! And the info about stamina figurine. I’m avoiding the stamina ring because it…only adds stamina. I think the pen ofab chest would be better than miy’s because of the other stats it adds (like 74 evade cls), and was planning to put slippers of screaming on feet. I also thought about the sleeves but was resisting that for reasons of not wanting to sacrifice too much…but again, that’s why it comes down to what is more worth it to sacrifice.

The rings and sleeves don’t do much besides stamina, but they would allow you to use dragon body armour and dragon claws for extra damage.

Maybe you could try make one or more auno setups and see how the various tradeoffs would turn out :blush:

Another test option is Testlive. Where the giant robot hands you almost any gear for the asking. You can try making a nanomage Shade Assault Rifle toon and discover why you really don’t want to do that, for example. :smiley:

Lol I suppose that is true. Thanks for the input!