[MA] - Advice on Useful Equipment

So I desided to Juice up a MA just because. And as thus your sitteng there with a lvl 200 MA and no Equipment, No keys and nothing other than a bunch of IP to use. I will be levelling up further, after I have completed some research and gotten a few alien levels.

So I for now have desided that I’d start running through SL gathering the Keys for now. BUT at a point I will get to a stage where I would need to be dressed to continue.

What is the first things I should be getting my hands on? Is there a MAster List of Useful MA shait you Need somewhere?


I can see a lvl 200 MA do well in PVM for you. Definitely max your HP, NANO, Evades, and NR.

A good practice is to go and aim for the LE MA special attacks (ENIGMA and the others I forgot the name of - should be like 3 or 4 more in LE shop)

Aim to get the highest of the other RK MA attacks as well: Flower of Life (defence debuff + quick heal), and Upon a Wave of Summer (NR boost), The Reck had some Special attacks for healing as well as damage and there is bunch of other MA attacks available in RK store in Borealis - just go through them and check what they do so you can mix the up together as you need.

Definitely get 300 Penultimate Ofab Pants for MA skill.
Definitely get ql 300 CC Armor

Back armor is optionable: Special Ofab Back or RBP, or Modified Trenchcoat or Aura Magnifier …

You can use D-chest for extra DMG and the ability to swap to Ofab chest or Mystical shirt for more HP or evades.

You can switch for evades or dmg or mix it all up as you go. The choice is yours, really.

MA is a profession with lots of variables to play with, swap or perk. This always made me want to play and make more MAs.

You can go NR1 perk for extra NR.

Of course you are aiming for good symbs - Effective Symbiants would do as you want level later on.

Theres buch of setups available if you google. Look for lvl 150,170,200 Setups to get started, the 220 setups are a little different and can be very variable as well - with the new items from Subway/Totw and Zazen nano.

You always want to go for CRIT - so a good AI scope should be your priority to get.

Here is few items to look at to get started but there is lots of more than I list here:

the list could go on…

Hope this helped a little.

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