(Early to mid game ma weapons?) Rk19?

So what would cheapest route to use from 25-100 > 101>150 and then to 210 ?


As an MA weapons generally only become relevant when fighting extremely high AC mobs, that reduce you to hitting minimum damage, which also negate your high crit rate.

As a new MA, and new AO player, stick to fists and maxing out your crit chance.

There are endgame weapon options, but you are a long way from worrying about those. If you’re curious, then look up Kuma Tonfa or Blades of Boltar.

Go with fists until you can get Huzzum’s iron fist from the reck.

Other than that, there’s not many viable lowbie MA weapons for regular playstyles. There’s some options like parry sticks if you want to make a defensive setup, but soloing like that will be really slow.

Kyr’ozch Nunchako’s are available on all QL’s if you have AI, but they’re very bad until you can equip ql250+ ones or the Special ones from S7.

SL turnspirit weapons may be viable at some levels, but they’re a bit difficult to obtain and in my opinion not good for leveling characters.

So for a leveling char, go with fists and wear anything that boosts your MA and Brawl skills and your Crit chance. Also max Phys Init and try to keep your Agg/Def slider as much to Def as you can without slowing down too much.

Torturing tool comes to mind.
Drops from Morgan in Camelot Castle.

Back in the Days there were Hazangerine Claws in any Fashion. But you have to roll them by mission.