[SHADE] RK2019 Weapons

While the Shade weapons questions on the classic servers seems reasonably settled (Kyz-ozch rapiers most of the way to 220), there seems to be a major gap on RK2019. Now, I’m making matters particularly difficult on myself being Neutral, tend to solo, and not really wanted to join an org, but advice welcome.

Obviously the first major step is the Illegally Modified OFAB Vipers from the strikers in the subway.
These are fine until I was able to get Fear Forged Blades from Steppes of Madness, around level 40.
The FFBs have lasted me till level 100, but are showing the age now, so what next? [edit: now level 115 and a real embarrassment]
Sigds seem viable, though they only improve on FFBs around QL 100+, so you can’t get them till the Scheol gardens (and there will be only 0, 1 or 2 QLs in the store, so getting the right QL for you is a challenge in itself).
The various 070 piercing weapons require lots of Brawl especially at the QLs that beat FFBs, and Brawl is a dark blue skill with no spirit support.
Die Kliene Nadel is something I’m hoping to see drop, but I suspect only from Imp Bosses.
One Who Wins Over Mind, with the quest to kill the Mortig Chieftain will give you a QL120 Bloodlust - rather a slow 2/2 weapon, so not necessarily an improvement.
I’m playing in the Shadowlands mostly, so low minimum damage is unacceptable.
Nippy John Stilletos and Piercing Evil are of course right out of reach for me (has anyone even got to them yet?)

Unfortunately most of the options are legacy enfo piercing weapons (e.g. improved tango Dirk’s) so have brawl.

One option would be the true 000 weapons. These are like untyped kyr weapons, and have no specials. They can be crafted from the rollable RK weapons using Basic Upgrade Kits, which I assume are available on RK19.

Thank you, so something like a QL130+ Slank Chop 000 beats the minimum damage of FFB and is faster. Yes, I can see that might make a valid off hand weapon. It also has the interesting property of removing the MA combo attack, which mostly goes to slow things down unless you pour IP into it.

Suggests an RK Slank Chop, Squibber or Stabber will do. Upgrade kits - bought apparently have insane prices.

But: Engineer Heath Bridges is found near the Bronto Burger in Holes in the Wall, and he has a quest line that can give you the kits for free. The last two parts of the quest are repeatable, and you can get as many QL 180 upgrade kits as you want. QL 180 is the minimum QL needed to make the top QL 200 versions of the weapons. Currently, there appears to be a bug with the dialog, in that the Rifle Upgrade Kits are NOT given. The quest is easily completed by TL5+ individuals.

If “oops” on the TL5+

Sounds good. I seem to remember the missions are all outdoor, so you can probably get help to complete them.

000 weapons are probably a fine option, but for more inspiration, you could also have a look here:


It’s a post from 2004, when the weapon availability was similar as now on RK2019. It has info on where weapons are from. Links refer to aomainframe which no longer exist, but you can find the items by searching their name on aoitems.com.

@Saavick AI was actually released in 2004 (which took me slightly aback - thought it was later) and so that list has some Kyr’ozch weapons in it. For the others, a lot ones with of brawl requirements and two-handed weapons - which don’t appeal to my plans, but could work for others.

Update: the Sigd daggers in Scheol and Adonis normal gardens aren’t going to be above QL150 (and are often well below that top level).

Roll on AI I suppose in October, and Energy Rapiers all the rest of the way until end game

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How about a Sancrosanct/Inamorata Stiletto/Rapier?