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Useful links to guides for new and experienced doctors

I took some from this one that were a little more up to date than the ones in Letah’s and left out more out-of-date guides.

Difference in weapon IP usage Author - Patho (Most informative answer by Rimbe)
Guide to special attacks on an MA doc Author - Various Posts
Guide to the MA Doc Author - Jynne
Blades of Boltar Author - Various Posts (most informative made by BigT)
New doctor’s guide to weapons Author - Harrington
Equipping weapons Author - Disq
Definitive Research on Best PvM Doc Weapons Thread Author - Biochemyst
Common list of doctor weapons Author - Forumtroll
Weapons for TL3-4 Docs Author - Stillian
Opinions of the different weapon types Author - Redkross
FACTS about weaons and posts about weapons Author - Siorai
List of multiranged twink items Author - rimbe

Nanos and perks
Breakable/Unbreakable Init debuffs Author - Cazix
Doctor DOT Table Author - Forumtroll and Regidoc
Doctor LE Personal Research Lines Author - Zacharyas
Doctor’s guide to SL perks Author - Jynne
Overview of SL heals Author - Emislicer
Nanoinit formula and instacasting Author - Mmba
Complete Overview of all Doctor Nanos Author - Zacharyas

Equipment setup
Twinking Cure of Baldness on Level 1 Doctor (and other things as well) Author - Dredd
Int/Psy buffing items for twinking on Merlin armor Author - Rockempire
Twinking on a Cure for Baldness with 36 PharmaTech Author - Saetos
Twinking GTA on level 7 doc Author - Dredd
Troxdoc with Intelligent Symbs Author - Doctorhyde
Easy PvP Setup Author - Dokalicious
Guide to Symbiants Author - Diatribe

Profession information
Biased, Subjective, Unscientific Rules of Thumb for the Doctor Profession v.2.0 Author - Biochemyst
Complete liste of practical BM/MM adding items (or at least almost) Author - LtBurlap
Guide to equipping a ql 300 nano controller unit Author - Jynne
Things to say for Legchopper quest Author - Meafixu
Expressions and Acronyms in AO Author - Placidity
Doctor Breeds - A Complete Look Author Mmba
Surviving tower battles Author - Jynne
A look at Heal Delta Author - Olabil
Doctor PvP guide Author - Docya
Nano delta Author - Olabil
Hostile nano against docs in PvP and their cures Author - Davidchiou
Guide to teaming with docs Author - Zanthyna
BotDr - Profession Chat Channel Author - Beekeeper

Misc. Humor
Mmba #5 (A song about Doctor BS PvP)
Show us your Doc!(Picture Thread)

If you feel there is a thread that deserves to be a part of this sticky, let one of the professionals know.